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The Gods War

This mystic diagram is from the House of Black Arkat in the Esrolian city of Arkat’s Hold. It depicts an Illuminate who has been guided by Arkat’s teachings to transcend the struggles of the Gods War. She is seated at the symbolic Axis Mundi and holds Arkat in her left hand. With her right hand […]

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Gloranthan Magic and Synchronicity

In Glorantha, synchronicity is the rule. Events that are meaningfully related occur without a causal relationship. Argrath sails to the Homeward Ocean and meets Harrek the Berserk; Argrath befriends Mularik, a descendant of Arkat who recognizes Argrath as the incarnation of his ancestor; Harrek and Argrath show up in the Mirrorsea Bay just in time […]

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Understanding the Runes

The Runes are the building blocks of Glorantha. They are symbols, archetypes, embodiments, and the actual matter and energy of the world. Runes originated with the very creation of Glorantha. The Runes are more than just written symbols. When a Rune is written or inscribed, the real power of the magical image is present within […]

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A few more notes on gods and spirits

A few more notes on gods and spirits from around Glorantha. The various ways gods and spirits are classified gives an example of the amount of diversity that exists concerning how they are perceived and understood by different cultures. And yet there is a certain amount of commonality, although the labels over cover different groups […]

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Some thoughts on spirits and gods

Spirits are discorporate entities that are present individually in all parts of nature – animals, plants, rocks, winds, fire, soil, waters, and so on. The Brithini classify them as an incorporeal but ubiquitous, not-quantifable energy present individually in all things and natural forces. Everything has a spirit, often several. Spirits inhabit the Spirit World, but […]

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Some thoughts on the Gloranthan gods, cults, and divine names

Most Gloranthans believe the greater gods transcend any specific culture. Ernalda, Lodril, Magasta, Orlanth, Sedenya, and Yelm are all known by many different peoples by many different names. Orlanth is the Storm God of the Theyalans and Praxians; he is called Umatum or Rebellus Terminus by the Pelorians, Baraku by the Fonritians, Worlath by the […]

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