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You can now buy the Guide to Glorantha and the Argan Argar Atlas directly from our store! PDFs are now immediately available, hardcopies will ship after the Kickstarter and Pre-Orders are fulfilled (which is starting now). There are a limited number of copies of the Guide to Glorantha book, so get yours while it is still available. The Guide will also be available to buy at GenCon and EssenSpiel, so you can save on shipping if you get it there. Curious what this book looks like? Check it out here:

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Legend for Argan Argar Atlas

It has come to our notice that the legend for the Argan Argan Atlas can be difficult to read without retina display or a large monitor (it looked fine on our iPads, MacBooks, and big screen monitors, so we didn’t catch the problem in our review). The legend is also printed as a full page in the Guide to Glorantha, where it is very readable. But why should you have to open the Guide to read the legend for the AAA? We say, you shouldn’t have to! Instead here’s the legend for the Argan Argar Atlas as a nice, easily readable jpg:
Legend for Atlas and Guide to Glorantha maps


PDF downloads of the Guide and Atlas for Kickstarter backers

We are about to throw the big switch on the wall of Moon Design HQ that will open the floodgates of PDF downloads. Yep, the PDFs are ready to get downloaded into your eagerly awaiting (and thankfully patient, hands).

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Once we have sent everything out to the registered Kickstarter backers, we can start the process of getting the download links to those who preordered the Guide!

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Showing off the Guide to Glorantha

Here it is – the Guide to Glorantha. A magical tome detailing the fantastic mythic realm of Glorantha. Six kilos of Gloranthan Gold. Perhaps this video can describe it better than words:

Unveiling the Guide to Glorantha

The very first copy of the Guide to Glorantha has arrived at Moon Design West and Neil Robinson weighs the box and opens it up. Here’s teaser:
Opening the Guide

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 22.54.34

You can still preorder the Guide to Glorantha until July 7th. Just go to our shop ( and reserve your copy!

Understanding the Runes

The Runes are the building blocks of Glorantha. They are symbols, archetypes, embodiments, and the actual matter and energy of the world. Runes originated with the very creation of Glorantha. The Runes are more than just written symbols. When a Rune is written or inscribed, the real power of the magical image is present within it. Repetition of a rune does not weaken it, but strengthens its presence and firm reality in creation. Their precise origin is unknown, and followers of particular runes always insist that theirs was first-made. Tales link the gods of the Celestial Court with the Runes, each god embodying a Rune. Their interactions led to the births of the Young Gods; these newer deities are often associated with one or more parental runes as a result.

Elements and Conditions Final Draft

Each Rune has myths associated with it. Some have elaborate cycles woven around their stories. All begin with a member of the Celestial Court who owned the Rune, and end with the Great God who currently owns it. In these stories the runes are sometimes treated as things, or beings, or abstract powers, or even all three.

The powers of the Core Runes are universally acknowledged. The deities who command those runes are the Greater Gods. Those deities cannot be changed without altering the very fabric of the universe. Such alteration is against the Cosmic Compromise which begat Time, and cannot occur.

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Pre-ordering the Guide to Glorantha and the Atlas – a few days left!

The special Pre-Order rate for the Guide to Glorantha and the Argan Argar Atlas is open until July 7th.  Just go to our store ( and preorder your copy.

ISS2005v1-front-cover ISS2005v2-front-cover

After the 7th, we expect that order fulfillment should start. The Guide and the Atlas (along with sundries like additional maps) will be bundled up by our fulfillment agent and shipped to their various destinations. International orders first get sent in bulk to Frankfurt, Germany and then will get fulfilled by Pegasus Spiele.

We expect to have Kickstarter backer PDF downloads ready next week. Validating 1300 orders took longer than we expected but it should be finished next week. First the Backers get to download the PDF, followed by the pre-orderers. After that the PDF will be open to general purchase.

The discovery of Glorantha

Just as a reminder, if you missed out on the Kickstarter, now you can Pre-Order the Guide to Glorantha and the Argan Argar Atlas. You can even pre-order Poster Map Sets (collections of maps in a 24 inch by 36 inch format or 12 inch by 18 inch). This offer includes discounted shipping and free PDFs if you bundle the Guide and the Atlas together. The Pre-Order discount is time limited until July 7, 2014, however, so go to our shop and order your copy now!

“Fantasy is not so much a suspension of disbelief as it is an acceptance of our own unconscious.”
Greg Stafford discovered Glorantha, but Glorantha has always been with us, lurking in our collective unconscious. Greg first came to the shores of Seshnela and the West back in 1966, and then traveled about with the Middle Sea Empire, discovering Teshnos and Pamaltela. His earliest maps may look a bit strange to our eyes, but no more than medieval maps of the lands of Cathay and Cipango.

Slontos 1

above: Early map of the Genertelan West around the Dawn. Circa 1966.


Ralios 3

above: Early map of Ralios, circa 1966.

In 1975, Greg first learned of the Hero Wars, the war between the White Bear and the Red Moon. His travels through Dragon Pass were remarkably accurate, although his maps of the Lunar Empire and beyond were still filled with rumor, lies, and error.

Lunar Empire

above: Early map of the Lunar Empire, circa 1975.

In the nearly 40 years that followed, Greg, accompanied by an intrepid and ever-changing band of adventurers, explored Glorantha fully. They traveled into the Sky Dome, and accompanied the Cradle in its voyage down Magasta’s Pool to the Underworld. They learned the deep history of the empires before the rise of the Lunar Empire, accompanied Harmast on his Lightbringers’ Quest, and circumnavigated the world with Harrek the Berserk and Argrath Dragonlord. The forbidden secrets of the God Learners were stolen, the blasphemies of the Empire of the Wyrms Friends revealed. A thousand of pages or so were published; but tens of thousands of pages of notes, maps, sketches, and stories sat in file cabinets, old hard drives, and in tubes.

Decades of Greg’s work might have remained there, until Kickstarter allowed us to fight the battle of I Pledged, We Won.

The result is the Guide to Glorantha.  A huge, oversized (as in 10 inch by 12 inch, instead of the normal 8.5 inch by 11 inch), lavishly illustrated encyclopedia of dreams, fantasy, and even the occasional nightmare. At 800 pages, it is so big we had to divide it into two volumes. At 12 pounds (6 kilograms), it is so huge that we worry about its impact on Earth’s rotational cycle.


The Guide to Glorantha is not just a roleplaying product – if indeed it even is truly a roleplaying product at all (it contains no stats, no rules, and no scenarios). It is a complete encyclopedia of a fictional universe, with history, mythology, cultures, maps, demographics, cosmology, and far far more. It is a remarkable undertaking and a fitting tribute to Greg’s life work.