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Some teases on the Glorantha Source Book

The 13th Age in Glorantha includes two books. The first is 13th Age in Glorantha itself, which is by Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet, Ash Law, and Jeff Richard. This is the  hardbound full-color 196+ page roleplaying supplement that brings the award-winning 13th Age rules to Greg Stafford’s mythic world of Glorantha.

But lets talk about the second book – the Glorantha Source Book. By Jeff Richard, this will be approximately another hardbound, full-color book 128 to 150 pages long and is intended to be a primer on Glorantha for folk new to the setting AND provides setting information on the Dragon Pass region circa 1627.  It is more myth-centric than the Guide and its largest chapter is a  Hero Wars era document that applies the God Learner monomyth to introduce the core gods of Glorantha and place them within the various elemental mythic cycles (Darkness, Water, Earth, Fire, Air,  Moon, and … Chaos). Lots of new material in there (especially the Moon cycle myths which should be worth a few directed improvements towards Illumination).

GD007GD007But another is particularly interesting (at least for me), and that is the chapter on Dragon Pass in the Hero Wars. This chapter is completely new and is set circa 1627. This is a time of rapid change and transformation in Dragon Pass and the surrounding lands. For example:

  • Sartar is now free and rules the Far Point. Argrath is the new Prince of Sartar and is aided by the Sartar Magical Union and his Free Army.
  • The map of Sartar has changed. Several old Sartarite tribes have been destroyed (such as the Enstali, Balmyr, Wulfland, and Locaem) and new tribes (some of very short duration) have formed in their place. Many old clans have been destroyed, and new clans have been founded. Other tribes have been broken, like the Dinacoli and Vantaros, and others have changed dramatically. Other old tribes, like the Telmori, at war with Argrath. Old confederations like the Hendriki have been revived and are allied with Sartar. Sartar may be free, but it is a mess.
  • In the north, Tarsh is in civil war, the Lunar Provinces are in disorder and the rule of the Lunar Empire is now confined to Tarsh within the Glowline. There is a new and very ambitious Feathered Horse Queen ruling the Grazelands. Snake Pipe Hollow is now vomiting forth Chaos and new corrupt demigods seek to bring forth Wakboth.
  • In the south, the Holy Country is no more. Sartar is allied with the ambitious new Queen of Esrolia and Argrath leads a loose alliance of Esrolia, Sartar, and Hendrikiland. Harrek White Bear and his Wolf Pirates relentlessly plunder the south of Kethaela, while Queen Gagix Two-Barb and her Scorpion Queendom have ravaged central Heortland.
  • In the east, Pavis is now free and ruled by a lieutenant of the White Bull. The Praxians are united by Jaldon Goldentooth and Praxian war bands follow him deep into Dragon Pass, while raiders harass the civilized lands.
  • The Elder Races are active, the trolls of Dagori Inkarth are on the march. The Dwarf has opened his gates to traders and diplomats, but there is rumors of strife with Greatway.
  • The True Dragons are waking up. The Brown Dragon has risen, the Green Dragon is known to be awake, and the Red Dragon has been seen again.

It is, in short, the Hero Wars.  I’m pretty darned excited about it, and I think it will instantly become a Gloranthan must-have.

For more information on the 13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter, just go to:

One week into the 13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter

We are one week into the 13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter and we’ve not only achieved our funding target, but as of the time of this post, we’ve already unlocked our first three stretch goals:

More Art!
Adding Zorak Zoran cultists as a third class of Berserker!
Adding the Crimson Bat as a fully described Monster!

Next up: Adding the dark trolls as a fully playable species!

Check it out here:

Troll Beetleherd

13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter is LIVE!

Our Kickstarter for the 13th Age in Glorantha is now live!

13th Age in Glorantha


Read all about 13th Age in Glorantha here:

13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter Delayed Until Next Week

You’ve heard us talk about all the great things that happened at Gen Con. But alas, there was a dark lining lurking within our silver clouds: several people at Moon Design and Fire Opal got sick, and are in no condition to launch a Kickstarter this week. Even mighty Neil the Indefatigable seems a bit on the defatigable side.

So we’re delaying the start of our 13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter until our key people are healthy enough to contribute to the effort. We have a few things that need to be finished before we launch, and we’re hoping that rest, lots of liquids, and visits to the doctor pay off and we’ll be able to launch in a week. We’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, enjoy this Gen Con seminar on 13th Age adventure design with Rob Heinsoo, ASH LAW, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan and Philippe-Antoine Ménard (aka the Chatty DM).

Moon Design Publications is excited to announce: 13th Age in Glorantha!

13th Age in Glorantha logo

Moon Design Publications is excited to announce that we have partnered Jeff Richard up with Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet of Fire Opal Media to produce a Glorantha core supplement for 13th Age. The book 13th Age in Glorantha will be launched via a Kickstarter starting on August 27, 2014.

13th Age is the Ennie-nominated, OGL d20-rolling game that’s built to help your campaign generate great stories. It is targeted towards experienced games masters and players of all levels of roll-playing experience. 13th Age offers straightforward rules that promote dramatic, exciting combats.

The Trolls are Coming

As a supplement, 13th Age in Glorantha does not repeat the rules presented in the 13th Age core rulebook. Instead, the classes, monsters, and rules appearing in 13th Age in Glorantha will enable you to use the 13th Age rules to experience the mythic fantasy of Greg Stafford’s Glorantha.

13th Age in Glorantha is myth-centered and set during the Hero Wars. Heroquesting to set things right, or to at least set things into a place that isn’t infested with Chaos monstrosities, is the focus of the default campaign style. Glorantha veterans will have no trouble adapting the heroquesting tools to their own campaign styles. Newcomers to Glorantha will get to learn about the world by playing through its foundational myths.

Come learn more and get ready to join the Kickstarter at!

We have a new  discussion area in the forums for it as well.

Announcing the new Prince of Sartar webcomic!!!

Moon Design Publications is very proud to announce that the first three pages of the Prince of Sartar webcomic by Kalin Kadiev and Jeff Richard is now up at

Prince of Sartar banner

Prince of Sartar will be a regular feature, telling the story of the Hero Wars, myths, and exploring Glorantha through Argrash, Samastina, Jar-eel the Razoress, Harrek the Berserk, and many more! You know the drill – check it out!

Here’s that link again:

If you want to discuss it, we have a new area in the forums for it as well.

GenCon 2014: August 14 through 17th

Come join Moon Design this August 14th through the 17th at GenCon in Indianapolis. The whole team will be there:

Rick Meints, President, Moon Design Publications
Jeff Richard, Creative Director
Neil Robinson, Director of Operations
Greg Stafford, Discoverer of Glorantha

Plus special guests: Ian Cooper, Pete Nash, Michael O’Brien (MOB), and Lawrence Whitaker! And special special guest: SANDY PETERSEN!

We’ve got a ton of events going on, including the following seminars and panels:

12pm to 1pm: Greg Stafford and Jeff Richard: “Gaming as Mythic Exploration
6pm to 7pm: Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, Jeff Richard, Rick Meints, Neil Robinson: “Introduction to Glorantha
7pm to 8pm: Greg Stafford and Jeff Richard: “Mythology in Roleplaying”

2pm to 3pm: Colin Driver and Jeff Richard: “Map Making and Fantasy Worlds
4pm to 5pm: Greg Stafford: “Playing God
8pm to 12pm: “White Bear and Red Moon” FREEFORM!!!!

2pm to 3pm: Greg Stafford: “King Arthur Pendragon

Plus we will be making some big announcements, which you will hear about very soon! Some come and visit us! We’ll have copies of the Guide to Glorantha, Sartar, Pavis, Sartar Companion, maps, and more for sale as well. MOB will have the Zero Edition of our newest card game – UNFAMY! – and you’ll have lots of chances to play it with its designer!

Buy the Guide to Glorantha and the Argan Argar Atlas!

You can now buy the Guide to Glorantha and the Argan Argar Atlas directly from our store! PDFs are now immediately available, hardcopies will ship after the Kickstarter and Pre-Orders are fulfilled (which is starting now). There are a limited number of copies of the Guide to Glorantha book, so get yours while it is still available. The Guide will also be available to buy at GenCon and EssenSpiel, so you can save on shipping if you get it there. Curious what this book looks like? Check it out here:

Now go to our store at and get yourself a the ultimate Guide to Glorantha and the Argan Argar Atlas!