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13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter Delayed Until Next Week

You’ve heard us talk about all the great things that happened at Gen Con. But alas, there was a dark lining lurking within our silver clouds: several people at Moon Design and Fire Opal got sick, and are in no condition to launch a Kickstarter this week. Even mighty Neil the Indefatigable seems a bit on the defatigable side.

So we’re delaying the start of our 13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter until our key people are healthy enough to contribute to the effort. We have a few things that need to be finished before we launch, and we’re hoping that rest, lots of liquids, and visits to the doctor pay off and we’ll be able to launch in a week. We’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, enjoy this Gen Con seminar on 13th Age adventure design with Rob Heinsoo, ASH LAW, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan and Philippe-Antoine Ménard (aka the Chatty DM).

Moon Design Publications is excited to announce: 13th Age in Glorantha!

13th Age in Glorantha logo

Moon Design Publications is excited to announce that we have partnered Jeff Richard up with Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet of Fire Opal Media to produce a Glorantha core supplement for 13th Age. The book 13th Age in Glorantha will be launched via a Kickstarter starting on August 27, 2014.

13th Age is the Ennie-nominated, OGL d20-rolling game that’s built to help your campaign generate great stories. It is targeted towards experienced games masters and players of all levels of roll-playing experience. 13th Age offers straightforward rules that promote dramatic, exciting combats.

The Trolls are Coming

As a supplement, 13th Age in Glorantha does not repeat the rules presented in the 13th Age core rulebook. Instead, the classes, monsters, and rules appearing in 13th Age in Glorantha will enable you to use the 13th Age rules to experience the mythic fantasy of Greg Stafford’s Glorantha.

13th Age in Glorantha is myth-centered and set during the Hero Wars. Heroquesting to set things right, or to at least set things into a place that isn’t infested with Chaos monstrosities, is the focus of the default campaign style. Glorantha veterans will have no trouble adapting the heroquesting tools to their own campaign styles. Newcomers to Glorantha will get to learn about the world by playing through its foundational myths.

Come learn more and get ready to join the Kickstarter at!

We have a new  discussion area in the forums for it as well.

Announcing the new Prince of Sartar webcomic!!!

Moon Design Publications is very proud to announce that the first three pages of the Prince of Sartar webcomic by Kalin Kadiev and Jeff Richard is now up at

Prince of Sartar banner

Prince of Sartar will be a regular feature, telling the story of the Hero Wars, myths, and exploring Glorantha through Argrash, Samastina, Jar-eel the Razoress, Harrek the Berserk, and many more! You know the drill – check it out!

Here’s that link again:

If you want to discuss it, we have a new area in the forums for it as well.

GenCon 2014: August 14 through 17th

Come join Moon Design this August 14th through the 17th at GenCon in Indianapolis. The whole team will be there:

Rick Meints, President, Moon Design Publications
Jeff Richard, Creative Director
Neil Robinson, Director of Operations
Greg Stafford, Discoverer of Glorantha

Plus special guests: Ian Cooper, Pete Nash, Michael O’Brien (MOB), and Lawrence Whitaker! And special special guest: SANDY PETERSEN!

We’ve got a ton of events going on, including the following seminars and panels:

12pm to 1pm: Greg Stafford and Jeff Richard: “Gaming as Mythic Exploration
6pm to 7pm: Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, Jeff Richard, Rick Meints, Neil Robinson: “Introduction to Glorantha
7pm to 8pm: Greg Stafford and Jeff Richard: “Mythology in Roleplaying”

2pm to 3pm: Colin Driver and Jeff Richard: “Map Making and Fantasy Worlds
4pm to 5pm: Greg Stafford: “Playing God
8pm to 12pm: “White Bear and Red Moon” FREEFORM!!!!

2pm to 3pm: Greg Stafford: “King Arthur Pendragon

Plus we will be making some big announcements, which you will hear about very soon! Some come and visit us! We’ll have copies of the Guide to Glorantha, Sartar, Pavis, Sartar Companion, maps, and more for sale as well. MOB will have the Zero Edition of our newest card game – UNFAMY! – and you’ll have lots of chances to play it with its designer!

Buy the Guide to Glorantha and the Argan Argar Atlas!

You can now buy the Guide to Glorantha and the Argan Argar Atlas directly from our store! PDFs are now immediately available, hardcopies will ship after the Kickstarter and Pre-Orders are fulfilled (which is starting now). There are a limited number of copies of the Guide to Glorantha book, so get yours while it is still available. The Guide will also be available to buy at GenCon and EssenSpiel, so you can save on shipping if you get it there. Curious what this book looks like? Check it out here:

Now go to our store at and get yourself a the ultimate Guide to Glorantha and the Argan Argar Atlas!

Legend for Argan Argar Atlas

It has come to our notice that the legend for the Argan Argan Atlas can be difficult to read without retina display or a large monitor (it looked fine on our iPads, MacBooks, and big screen monitors, so we didn’t catch the problem in our review). The legend is also printed as a full page in the Guide to Glorantha, where it is very readable. But why should you have to open the Guide to read the legend for the AAA? We say, you shouldn’t have to! Instead here’s the legend for the Argan Argar Atlas as a nice, easily readable jpg:
Legend for Atlas and Guide to Glorantha maps


PDF downloads of the Guide and Atlas for Kickstarter backers

We are about to throw the big switch on the wall of Moon Design HQ that will open the floodgates of PDF downloads. Yep, the PDFs are ready to get downloaded into your eagerly awaiting (and thankfully patient, hands).

Very shortly registered Kickstarter backers will be receiving an email from us with download instructions and such. We are sending these out in random small batches to backers first, so you may get the email a little later or earlier than one of your Kickstarter Colleagues. If you have not registered on you will not get the email. We can send a download link shortly after you do register.  Our digital dwarves have been slaving away to make sure it will be an efficient experience, but there is always the possibility that gremlins and nilmergs may test us along the way.

A few things we ask you to keep in mind as you begin downloading:

  • This is awesome, and the destination is worth the journey.
  • Many people may be rushing to download when you do, so patience young padewan…
  • These files are mucho big, so they will take a while to download. You can’t cram this much awesome into 640K.
  • Click on the link to download.
  • If you get any errors, they will only be a setback; even the lightbringers had them.
  • You will be able to download the file again if you lose it.
  • We will try to respond to customer service emails as fast as we can.
  • Only attempt to download one file at a time; read the first while starting the second.
  • Like all PDF orders, you can access your download via your order on our website.
  • We will probably enhance these PDFs over time, and you will get that version too.
  • Only the inhabitants of Yggs Isles should consider piracy an option.
  • Due to heavy call volume (thousands or orders), there may be delays…

Once we have sent everything out to the registered Kickstarter backers, we can start the process of getting the download links to those who preordered the Guide!

As always, thank you for your support.

For more information, please go to:

Showing off the Guide to Glorantha

Here it is – the Guide to Glorantha. A magical tome detailing the fantastic mythic realm of Glorantha. Six kilos of Gloranthan Gold. Perhaps this video can describe it better than words: