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Gloranthan Magic and Synchronicity

In Glorantha, synchronicity is the rule. Events that are meaningfully related occur without a causal relationship. Argrath sails to the Homeward Ocean and meets Harrek the Berserk; Argrath befriends Mularik, a descendant of Arkat who recognizes Argrath as the incarnation of his ancestor; Harrek and Argrath show up in the Mirrorsea Bay just in time […]

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Some thoughts on spirits and gods

Spirits are discorporate entities that are present individually in all parts of nature – animals, plants, rocks, winds, fire, soil, waters, and so on. The Brithini classify them as an incorporeal but ubiquitous, not-quantifable energy present individually in all things and natural forces. Everything has a spirit, often several. Spirits inhabit the Spirit World, but […]

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