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The Gods War

This mystic diagram is from the House of Black Arkat in the Esrolian city of Arkat’s Hold. It depicts an Illuminate who has been guided by Arkat’s teachings to transcend the struggles of the Gods War. She is seated at the symbolic Axis Mundi and holds Arkat in her left hand. With her right hand […]

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HeroQuest Glorantha is nearly ready for release

Layout of HeroQuest Glorantha is FINISHED! And geez is this book beautiful. We are talking Guide to Glorantha level of beauty. The printed book will be 256 pages, color, and hardcover. It is the best Glorantha RPG rules book ever in terms of content and quality. Period. Not only is HeroQuest Glorantha an excellent introduction […]

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The magicians of the Sartar Magical Union are popularly called “warlocks” after a derisive comment by the Lunar general who opposed them at the Battle of Sword Hill. They have been taught techniques to wield great magical power through meditation and other strenuous disciplines. They include men and women in roughly equal measures, as well […]

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The Big Push Redux

So when we last left our heroes they were working on the Big Push on The Coming Storm in Berlin… Sorry  to have not updated, but the good news is that we were working hard on The Coming Storm so that we could get a new draft out, particularly to play testers and reviewers. We […]

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