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The magicians of the Sartar Magical Union are popularly called “warlocks” after a derisive comment by the Lunar general who opposed them at the Battle of Sword Hill. They have been taught techniques to wield great magical power through meditation and other strenuous disciplines. They include men and women in roughly equal measures, as well […]

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Red Moon Rising

Now that Ducks are unlocked for the 13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter, our next stretch goals are Monster silhouettes and the Red Moon Rising. I’ll let Rob talk about the silhouettes later today (they are cool!), but I want to talk a little about the Lunar College of Magic. A prominent superiority of the Lunar […]

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Some teases on the Glorantha Source Book

The 13th Age in Glorantha includes two books. The first is 13th Age in Glorantha itself, which is by Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet, Ash Law, and Jeff Richard. This is the  hardbound full-color 196+ page roleplaying supplement that brings the award-winning 13th Age rules to Greg Stafford’s mythic world of Glorantha. But lets talk about the second book – the Glorantha […]

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