Glorantha can experienced through many roleplaying systems, and is gaming system agnostic. But of all the systems, there are two that were developed with, and for, Glorantha. We encourage you to find the one that best suits your playing style and use that one.

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HeroQuest Glorantha

HeroQuest Glorantha Cover

HeroQuest Glorantha is the rules system specifically designed for Glorantha. It presents a simple rules system that allows Game Masters to run games modeled on ancient myth, epic sagas, and tales of high adventure. HeroQuest encourages creative input from players, resulting in an exciting, unpredictable narrative created through group play.

After years of years of player feedback, this streamlined version of the core HeroQuest rules has just been released.

Visit the HeroQuest Glorantha page for more details.

HeroQuest Glorantha – Adventures

The current line of campaign books being published by Moon Design Publishing. They use the HeroQuest rules but the scenarios can be easily adapted to RuneQuest.

Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes Sartar Companion Pavis: Gateway to Adventure


RuneQuest 6

RuneQuest is the current incarnation of the classic roleplaying game created by Steve Perrin and Ray Turney in 1978. It is a simulationist, skill-based system with a gritty and exciting combat engine.

RuneQuest 6 is published by Design Mechanisms under license and can be purchased at our shop.




Gloranthan Classics

These classic RuneQuest books were published by Chaosium between 1978 and 1983 and have been reprinted by Moon Design Publishing. They use the original RuneQuest rules published in 1978 but can easily be adapted to RuneQuest 6 or even HeroQuest.

Pavis & Big Rubble Griffin Mountain Cult Compendium Borderland & Beyond


You can also look at our licensed products that you can get directly from our licensees.

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