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The magicians of the Sartar Magical Union are popularly called “warlocks” after a derisive comment by the Lunar general who opposed them at the Battle of Sword Hill. They have been taught techniques to wield great magical power through meditation and other strenuous disciplines. They include men and women in roughly equal measures, as well […]

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Sketch of three nobles

These sketches by Jan Pospisil depict three nobles – the first from Esrolia, the second from Sartar, and the third from Tarsh. Figure 1: Noblewoman This Esrolian noblewoman wears a close-fitting tube dress, sewn at the side, that is held up by two straps that attached behind the neck. The straps come together at the front and expose her breasts. The […]

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Sketch of a Sartarite Clan Militia Member

This sketch depicts a member of the local clan militia. All free men (including women who are members of warlike cults) are expected to fight on behalf of their clan and follow their chief into war. This figure is dressed like an ordinary herder or farmer, but is armed for war. He carries a round […]

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The House of Sartar, Feathered Horse Queens, and Werewolves

One thing the new edition of King of Sartar (in layout now) and Coming Storm makes clear is the amount of dramatic potential between the Royal House of Sartar, the Feathered Horse Queens, and the Telmori werewolves. Like a great soap opera or a tragic Icelandic saga, these three groups are closely intertwined. Prince Sartar, […]

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New maps for the new version of King of Sartar

While Rick is deep in layout for the Guide to Glorantha, we are working on a number of other projects, including the new version of King of Sartar. For the new version (which contains quite a bit of additional information about the House of Sartar, the Grazers, and so forth), we are updating all the […]

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The Big Push Redux

So when we last left our heroes they were working on the Big Push on The Coming Storm in Berlin… Sorry  to have not updated, but the good news is that we were working hard on The Coming Storm so that we could get a new draft out, particularly to play testers and reviewers. We […]

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