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Legend for Argan Argar Atlas

It has come to our notice that the legend for the Argan Argan Atlas can be difficult to read without retina display or a large monitor (it looked fine on our iPads, MacBooks, and big screen monitors, so we didn’t catch the problem in our review). The legend is also printed as a full page in […]

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Penultimate Guide Preview

Gloranthaphiles! We are approaching the Dawn Age! Thanks to some prodigious amount of work, Rick has finished doing the layout of Genertela, the Oceans and Islands, and Pamaltela. Our President’s Day Sneak Peak for our backers is up on the Kickstarter page (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/224590870/the-guide-to-glorantha/posts), but here’s some previews of the preview: Giant Slarges in Tarien:   […]

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Genertela complete, Oceans ahoy!

As the Covenant of Waha decrees, it is time for an update on the Guide’s status. Genertela is complete and we are now working on the various islands before heading off to Pamaltela and the Appendixes. The end is in sight! Here’s a few screenshots to wet your appetite. Some details on Teshnos, including a […]

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New maps for the new version of King of Sartar

While Rick is deep in layout for the Guide to Glorantha, we are working on a number of other projects, including the new version of King of Sartar. For the new version (which contains quite a bit of additional information about the House of Sartar, the Grazers, and so forth), we are updating all the […]

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