Tales of Mythic Adventure Episode 16 – Treasure from the Vaults!

In a tri-continental episode of Tales of Mythic Adventure, MOB is as usual Down Under in Melbourne Australia, Jeff is in fortress Berlin, and their guest, President Rick is welcomed from the virtual green room, which this week is at Chaosium Central (Ann Arbor, Michigan). Today, they talk about some of the rare and wonderful backer rewards on offer in the RuneQuest Classic Kickstarter, currently underway.
These items include Greg Stafford’s “Sea Cave” Scenario (now part of the “Old School RQ Source Pack”), the original and now unique RuneQuest Playtest Manuscript, and the amazing “growing as we compile it” collection of unpublished scenarios and source materials.
Since Rick has already posted about the  treasures discussed in this episode I will hand it over to him, but let me just say his case for upgrading your Kickstarter pledge to the upper levels in order to get never-before published content – some of which Jeff describes as “the Holy Grail” – is very compelling! I can personally say, hand on heart, that having listened to this I am seriously tempted upgrading my own pledge… over to you Rick, from Rob the Producer Initiate Rune Lord Rune Priest
See Rick’s comments here:
Chaosium & Moon Design Announce New Distribution Model for Europe
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