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We’ve just launched our Patreon campaign for Prince of Sartar and we are hoping for your support.

The Prince of Sartar webcomic is one of the best introductions to the world of Glorantha out there. Places like Nochet, the City of Wonders – even Sartar – are presented the way we actually see them and showing off Glorantha as a unique setting utterly unlike anything else in fantasy. For example, who wasn’t impressed with the first glimpse of the Esrolian queen’s throne room, with her Great Troll bodyguards?

Or with the thaumaturgical battle between Jar-eel and Belintar?

We’ve done 59 pages of it over the last year or so, and we have plans for doing hundreds more – for example, the next chapter is going to bring us to New Pavis, early 1621 – and visually present you with a major Gloranthan event that involves Argrath, New Pavis, and a giant’s cradle.

But we need your help to do it. We don’t charge viewers for the webcomic, and each page costs time and money. So please support us by pledging to Prince of Sartar!

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