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ISS4001 - King of Sartar

King of Sartar now available for pre-order

King of Sartar was, for me at least, the breakthrough book into understanding Glorantha and was (and still is) the foundational source for the Hero Wars. It also was a remarkable piece of experimental fiction - a collection of documents and sources written for the ...
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Gloranthan Readings: Jorge Luis Borges – Collected Fiction

The Argentinian Jorge Luis Borges is my absolute favorite fantasy writer, despite not writing a single story that is classified as part of that genre. A master of the very short story whose career spanned from the 1930s to the ...
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Poems of Heaven and Hell from Ancient Mesopotamia book cover

Gloranthan Readings: Poems of Heaven and Hell from Ancient Mesopotamia

There stands a house under the mountain of the world, a road runs down, the mountain covers it and no man knows the way. It is a house that binds bad men with ropes and clamps them into a narrow ...
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Bookshelf for Gloranthan Reading

New Feature: Gloranthan Readings

Books are a big deal for the Moon Design team - not just RPGs and fantasy literature, but history, mythology, religion, and classics of literature. You might have noticed that the Guide to Glorantha and HeroQuest Glorantha have bibliographies of sources ...
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