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    I am not sure I can attend regularly and I have no experience whatsoever at playing per hangout, but at the very least I would like to take a peek at the game. I live in GMT+1…


    The City of Wonders is situated on Loon Island, which was raised by Belintar during his ascension. I doubt very much that Lhankor Mhy and his bride rested at the bottom of the Choralinthor Bay, so IMO Nochet gets the honor.

    The confusion is about whether the Nochet Great Library is the Final Information Library, or whether that is situated in the City of Wonders.


    The point of me publishing the scenario is to provide an introductory scenario for the German Heroquest. I shouldn’t make up new rules or rules variatons for that…


    I used only my runes and keywords for my character in Jeff’s playtest, with a few breakout skills from the runes. Worked like a charm.


    I’d be disappointed if all the aquatics can visit is the fish market. The Guide explicitely says “When the God-King ruled it was not unusual to see a merman swimming through the air, as if it was water, alongside wagons creaking to market.” In the City of Wonders, this wouldn’t be special, and in Seapolis likely neither, but neither of these places is as likely to have its markets serviced by wagons as is Nochet.

    As for Backford, I always pictured it occupying the south side of the Syphon only. Having a city on both sides of the river without at least a bridge would create what’s basically two twinned cities.


    All official information is in the Guide to Glorantha, most of it on p.254. (There is a small mention in the Nochet map pdf). Get the pdf in the shop for the map and the full description.

    Fish roads are magical roads in the Holy Country, established by Belintar, the Godking. Basically they manifest as areas of sea bottom that can be walked by air-breathing land dwellers as if walking on dry ground (while being wet and fish and merfolk able to swim through or across them normally), and corresponding areas of dry land where sea dwellers can swim as if in water. There used to be four surface termini of the fish roads – in Nochet in Esrolia (at the temple of Golod, the fish god, in the southeastern part of Nochet), in Seapolis in the Rightarm Islands, and at Backford in the Syphon River. A central terminus was in the City of Wonders, or rather below it. From the Fish Road between Seapolis and the City of Wonders a branch goes off through the Troll Strait to Deeper, and onward to the deep ocean.

    There is no information on how traveling on a Fish Road looks like. I expect that travelers who pass through one of the termini enter something similar to the shark tunnels in aquariums. The main difference is that the sharks (and other sea dwellers) don’t have to stop at the boundary but are able to swim right through the tunnel. as if it wasn’t there – because to them, there is no such tunnel.

    For mermen or intelligent fish who want to visit the land there is bound to be a similar effect. The entire city of Seapolis appears to be under this effect, but only if a sea dweller enters through the terminus. Simply swimming into the canals of Seapolis doesn’t enable fish or merfolk to swim through the air.

    An entire portion of the City of Wonders used to be like this, or (more likely) the entire dry area of the City of Wonders could be swum by sea dwellers entering through the central junction of the Fish Roads, the Wonder Transfer. I believe that the Wonder Transfer was an underwater city inhabited by humans and merfolk.

    We don’t have a map of the dry parts accessible for sea dwellers using the Fish Roads.


    The Arsgol clan was Ingo’s Jonstown clan, and their main stead basically became the city in Ingo’s version. If anything, it would be an urban clan now. Ingo’s Pant clan was on the Culbrea border, IIRC. With the upcoming Coming Storm I suppose that that side of Jonstown received some coverage.


    The Tree Triarchy started out as Malani clans, but one clan was destroyed/merged into the Antorling/Apple Clan. In Fall of the House of Malan these clans were founded by three brothers, with Namold being the sole survivor by the time the Malani split came up.

    IIRC they really did not like the Varmandi, so sharing a tribe with them may have been viewed as suboptimal. On the other hand, staying with Malan and his even madder son…

    Ingo Tschinke and friends came up with a German consensus of clan names that even produced two RQ3 scenario booklets. While Ingo’s material certainly influenced later authors about the Malani, most data probably isn’t canonical. I can still look it up if you want me to.


    In the absence of suitable landmarks in the usual position, you could look the opposite way and repeat that cycle from half a year ago. Something like “desert opposite X” constellation mark (or how do you translate “landmark” to a position in the sky?).


    How many Yinkin worshippers will be devotees or accomplished heroquesting initiates that have gained that feat otherwise? For most Yinkini, that feat is something you do on the Other Side only.


    I have yet to find any discrepances between my print copies of the more recent volumes and the pdfs. The volumes that underwent the most changes are the oldest ones, Glorious ReAscent and Fortunate Succession, but those changes are at least a decade old.


    Arkat and his followers remained a major opposition to the God Learner exploitation of the Hero Planes even after the Autarchy had fallen. Apparently Arkati underwent some kind of apotheosis to become guardian entities of certain hero paths. I don’t think that this ability/agency was necessarily tied to illumination, although illumination doubtlessly makes departing from known paths easier.

    The Arkati secrets most coveted by the God Learners were his maps of myths and hero paths, providing a subway connection map to the myths of Seshnela, Ralios, Maniria and to some part Peloria and Hell, with waystations that allow switching trains and destinations.

    Illumination isn’t something you can steal – you can steal methods to “teach” or transmit illumination, though. The Jrusteli probably analyzed those paths and utilized them to some extent.

    The paths towards Arkat’s home were dangerous to the God Learners because these would allow the arkati to regain their strength, thereby affecting all the various projects dear to the Jrusteli, from the Abiding Book to the wild experimental stuff like that of the Zistorites or the Outer Atomic Explorers.


    Charles: Even Argrath’s companions combine at least three forms of illumination – Nysalorean/Lunar, Draconic, and Arkati (anti-Nysalorean). The Carmanians with their exposure to Spol and Natha appear to have had their own brush with the Ultimate.

    The austerities are practiced by Kralori mystics as well – I don’t see Sheng Seleris having experienced draconic wisdom, but a more traditional Vithelan path.

    A state of liberation is possible in any culture, simply by the method of following the cultural rune to its source. Thunder Rebels stated that this state of experience would take a character out of the game, but I don’t see why these guys would have to be treated differently from Lunars or Draconic mystics.

    Peter: I agree about the risk of contamination and occlusion from plundering the God Learner secrets. However, it is a perfectly safe form of power if you know what you do – just like the Lunars dealing with Chaos.


    The term RuneQuest Sight fills my expectations of the God Learner understanding of Arkati illumination. IMO the Jrusteli used Arkat as their primary access to mystical and logical insight on the Otherworlds, and in my opinion they attempted to apply logic to the mystical paths – a bit like using thermodynamics to understand biology, you can have a good guess at certain changes a system will undergo without having a clue what exactly is going on, and you will be prone to surprises outside of your controlled parameters.

    Looking for nifty magics to wield in the upcoming conflicts amid god learner ruins doesn’t require any mystical insight. The Vadeli and Harrek probably do so without even approaching illumination, and the dwarf approach won’t be much different, either.
    You don’t have to be illuminated to break certain taboos about ancient sites of power, either – these aren’t the object of standard magical restrictions you get from your religion but political or cultural restrictions. Breaking those may be regarded as a crime, but crime doesn’t require mystical awareness, and being illuminated won’t help you much if caught red-handed at any taboo activity.

    Magical powers gained through mystical experiences might be stolen, but mystical understanding won’t necessarily result from that. I can easily see God Learners or Vadeli go for those powers in a “go to the hero plane and flense it off its previous owner” sense, but unless it is a flash of mystical insight due to massive exposure to the Ultimate, I don’t see these guys picking up any understanding.

    I don’t see any draconic flavor in the East outside of Kralorela, btw. While most easterners live in Kralorela, most eastern traditions are known from the drowned lands beyond and the islands (or in case of Teshnos peninsula) retaining them. I wonder whether some of those guys view the draconic element as an entanglement.


    While I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of illuminates among the members of the Orange Guilds, I would search for illuminates among the aldryami of Jrustela – and in Pamaltela among those of the Errinoru Forest, too, with a possible side order for followers of Elamle-Ata.

    I doubt that the Vadeli or Fonritians bother with illumination when they can be chaotic without it.

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