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    Sean Foster

    Uz Special – Maybe Sandy to help
    – Shadows Dance
    – Nature of Castle of Lead
    – Only Old One
    – Blue Moon
    – Guhan/Halikiv
    – Elder Wilds (Griffon Mountain environs
    – Kingdom of Ignorance
    13th Age Glorantha – how will game system work in the RQ/HW/HQ world we all remember – RH/JT
    Carmania – Nick
    Holy Country – Jeff
    Prax & Pavis – Mob
    Aldryami – the elf guy
    Mostali – ?
    Dara Happa – ?
    Lunar Empire – ?
    etc etc

    Discussions basically go through ideas and bits & pieces of the culture. You could request questions prior…

    In any case time will tell if this is possible, with Moon Design & Chaosium in high evolution mode (from miasmic gorp to ?) you will all be being pulled left right and sideways.. All the best!

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    Sean Foster

    My thoughts on conversions:

    RQ D&D 3.5/PF

    Trollkin Orc / Goblin / Gremlin (PF)
    Troll, Dark Bugbear / Ogrekin (PF)
    Troll, Cave Troll
    Troll, Great Ogre
    Troll, Mistress Ogre, Mage +++
    Duck Kenku (3.5) / Tengu (PF)
    Dragonewt, Scout Kobold
    Dragonewt, Warrior Lizard Folk, or Use Spawn of Tiamat (D&D MMIV)
    Broo Goatfolk (Ibixian) (D&D MMIII)
    Aldrayami Vegepygmy
    Elf, Black ” / Goblin
    Elf, Red (Slorfing) ” / Goblin – I’m shifting these guys to Genertela to add another protagonist race, they keep separate from normal elf’s.


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    Sean Foster

    Entekosiad seems to spin similarities with the Praxian Stormbull. ie SB is ‘defeated’ lying on the ground and draws power from the earth to call the block <If my Glorantham Myth Memory serves [Earthpower Runespell from CoP]> vs Peter M’s “…he can be killed and rise again in battle…”.

    In GtG it states that “…but before the Ban, Charg was a war-like Orlanthi kingdom famed for its berserker Urox cult.” thence “…After the Dragonkill had destroyed the assembled armies of Peloria, a _usurping_dynasty_ of barbaric Bull Shahs _originally_from_Charg_ seized power in Carmania and then cruelly occupied Dara Happa, before being overthrown in their turn by the upstart Lunar rebels.”

    It would seem Bisos was around before the Carmanians so a Bull god became ‘linked’ to Indovanus after the Carmanians arrived (and defeated the Spolites). The Bull God is a evolution? of SB/Uroxi or something similar. I would say Bisos/Urox/SB are one in the same. Bisos still has a rough and tough side (Eternal Battle Rune, the SB we all know and love) but has lost or has nearly lost the anti-chaos vibe over the years <Lunar Empire pruning? aggressives out of native cults>. I wonder if Charg and the future Worian/Oronin area (Pelanda) cica 500, was particularly anti-chaos against the Bright Empire. SB/Urox could have been imported, tied to the native Pelendan Bull God, to enhance his abilities against the Dorastor. Or obviously the Bisos Cult could have drawn out Urox/SB from Bisos via “worship evolution” (a type of Darwinian Cult Evolution)

    Bisos seems pretty common on the southern side of Carmania and runs across Pelanda to the Mount Jernotius area. Moralatap of the Anger sounds a fine example of a angry Uroxi, now male again but now knows the PMS feat – nothings going to get in his way. I wonder if he will join or fight against Charg GtG “…Ferocious barbarian tribes ruled by Bull Lords, worshiping terrible gods, such as Humakt, Storm Bull, and worse…”

    Its to late and I am too tired to redo do this in a clearer format…

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    Sean Foster

    I’m a little confused about the Pre-order as opposed to those of us that went by the Kickstarter route?

    When do the Kickstarter people pay? When do(did?) the Kickstarter pay & finalise the additional stuff they can get? How is the latter different from the pre-order?

    Kickstarter seems to be down at the moment…



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    Sean Foster

    Just looked them up.
    The Halcyon of Griffin Mountain would be an underling of an underling.
    The Halcyon of Griffin Island would be and peer of Appius Luxius – and definitely not just 25 years old…

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    Sean Foster

    But from the youtube link it seemed like it HAD been finished?

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