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Earth Witch

Aldryami, Hsunchen, and Doraddi pantheons — grandmother earth, an Old God This elderly goddess does for the gods what the […]

June 16, 2013 August 7, 2015
The Summons of Evil

Orlanth and his council ruled peacefully over the world after subduing the vile sun tribe, water peoples, and even the […]

June 16, 2013 July 17, 2014
Orlanthi Overview

Orlanthi culture. Bronze Age/early Iron Age mixed agrarian-pastoralists. They are the most popular player culture. They are a heroic Bronze […]

June 16, 2013 June 26, 2014 Orlanthi

[OAR-lanth] Orlanthi pantheon — head of the Council of the Gods, storm god, chieftain, and warrior, one of the Lightbringers […]

June 16, 2013 June 23, 2014
Praxian Overview

The Praxians are a Neolithic nomadic society that ride and herd beasts for their survival. Each tribe is named after […]

June 16, 2013 May 22, 2014
Map of New Pavis

Lawrence Keogh created a scalable PDF map of New Pavis, based on the maps from Pavis: Gateway to Adventure. You […]

June 16, 2013 March 7, 2014 Prax
Enemy Gods of the Orlanthi

Most deities have one or more specific, notable foes. Those foes were (usually) defeated in mythic times, resulting in the […]

June 16, 2013 March 3, 2014

[WHAK-bohth] Chaos pantheon — chaos god of evil, the Devil Wakboth is the moral evil of the world. This senseless […]

June 16, 2013 March 1, 2014
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