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    > do the Lunars demand that theirs be paid in silver, I wonder.

    Well, the English demanded it from the Scottish, back in the bad old days. If the Lunars buy their provisions when the cash prices are low and demand taxes from non-Lunarized tribes and clans when the cash prices are low but wait until they are better for the Lunarized ones, they can make it really easy to gain converts, much like the Muslims did with dhimmi (sp?) taxes.

    > In contrast, the so-called sophisticated Dara Happans bring the gold Wheel to the table, a coin
    > so large that only kings have a use for it. They live in cities, but they certainly wouldn’t
    > suffer an egalitarian idea like a mass economy for a moment.

    The Dara Happans also issue silver coins, as well as the wheels — that’s why they call them “lunars” after all — just like the Romans had silver and gold sesterces. I cannot imagine that they do not have coppers in circulation, as well, but adventurers seldom notice them after a few good hauls 🙂 and more seriously there are no banks converting denominations for non-customers like in the RW, or electronically linked currency conversion kiosks like in Europe or in USA airports. Fortunately for the non-economist players, characters do not have to worry about debased currencies or different denominations of coins like in the Middle Ages, except maybe for a campaign at the Federal Reserve or ECB 🙂 .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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