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    Gregory Molle

    S:KoH p. 227 says:

    Markalor was the son of Jotisan of Karse, a merchant who had business between Boldhome and Karse before he was killed. Markalor was a son of Eonistaran the Sage, who had been an advisor to King Saronil of Sartar. Eonistaran was a bastard son of King Sartar.

    Is it a typo? Who is the father of Markalor?

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    Gregory Molle

    By the way, all that is not compatible with the genealogy of Sartar p. 222: in the schema, Markalor is not the son of Jotisan but his father.

    Should the text p. 227 be: “Temertain was the sixth son of Markalor. (…) Markalor was the son of Jotisan (…) Jotisan was the son of Eonistaran”…? But then the schema p. 222 contains a typo.


    S:KoH has both sequences, one paragraph apart, and according to Jeff reprinting the conflicting material without resolving it was intentional.

    There was speculation that Eonistaran had sons named Markalor and Jotisan, and that their sons might have been named after their uncles.

    IIRC the name “Jotisan of Karse” occurs only in one list, the other has Jotisan without a descriptor.

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    Simon Phipp

    There is also the possibility that Eonistaran the Sage had an affair with Jotisan of Karse’s wife while they were still married. That would make Eonistaran the biological father of Markalor, but Jotisan of Karse the legal father.

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    Erick Eckberg

    This sounds like something that Montel Williams could solve; “We have the DNA results, Jotisan, you are NOT Markalor’s father!”

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