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    It seems rather counterproductive to harsh Lawrence and Pete on not catering to whatever personal favorite a person has, particularly when there is an overwhelming amount of source material already out there.

    People new to RQ have to understand that as the dearth of ‘official’ source material went on for a long time, the fans have been astonishingly creative you just have to look a little.

    For example, I’m considering starting a campaign in Seshnela, as a sort of ‘off the beaten path’ idea that nevertheless uses a lot of imagery and paradigms comparable to Medieval Europe (thus broadening my source material online, and making it more accessible to the probably-mostly-new group I’ll be recruiting to play). Very little official stuff? GREAT. I can use my own creativity more freely. Nevertheless, there is a fair amount out there, starting particularly with Jamie Revell’s fantastic resources at: http://www.ttrotsky.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/malkioni/ (You kind of have to understand Malkionism to ‘get’ the West.)

    Specifically, his 211-page work Kingdom of the Flamesword: http://www.ttrotsky.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/malkioni/Kingdom%20of%20the%20Flamesword.pdf – Guys, that’s a full-on sourcebook. Granted, it might not be *precisely* 6th ed RQ, but look at it as an opportunity to use your own creative juices a little.

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    Jeff Richard

    Dearth of official material? You are kidding me, right? Let’s just take the Seshnela only material in the Guide.
    The Western culture chapter is 5 pages – pure background.
    The Seshnela chapter is 20 pages – pure background.
    There are 20 pages of world history – probably about half of it is directly relevant to the West.
    So that’s 35 pages of raw background on Seshnela, assuming that you read absolutely nothing else (of course how can you understand Seshnela without Ralios – that’s another 25 pages assuming you ignore Arkat.

    Looking at what is in the Guide, what are the interesting faultlines presented in Seshnela? Hmmm. Maybe we set a game in Fornoar, among the ruins of Arkat’s Dark Empire, where we have trolls, dwarves, elves, and Britihini in close proximity? Perhaps the premise of the campaign is that the players have been recruited by the zzaburi of Harsad to investigate a dramatic increase in troll activity from Guhan. Maybe we tie in the mysterious Brithini wizard Mahlor of Infradwal. And of course there is the desire of Segurane to find magical weapons and knowledge that can be used against Noloswal and/or against Safelster and its krjalki allies. Heck we might even throw Nida into the mix!

    Or alternatively, we set it in Noloswal, where a cosmopolitan city built on trade fights for its independence from Segurane. We might explore the shattered islands of Old Seshnela and find the Old Temple of Seshna Likta, learn forbidden secrets from the lords of the Castle Coast and confront the Luatha. Or maybe we even sail to lost Jrustela, seeking lost secrets of the God Learners.

    Add in the sorcery rules for HQG and you have more than enough material to start running campaigns in Seshnela. That’s more background material for Seshnela than existed for all of Dragon Pass prior to the release of the first edition of King of Sartar in 1992.

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    Well I was just responding to the thread title which asks for which regions one would be interested in seeing in more detail. There’s no criticism on any of the authors in any way or what has been printed so far.

    Glorantha is a big place, and anybody who gets interested in it will naturaly want to see particular cultures and regions done in greater detail, so I thought the thread had merit if only for seeing what others are interested in

    But, like I previously indicated, I’m just happy to see Glorantha still in print these days, in fact moreso than ever before!

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    Some great campaign ideas you just throw about there Jeff; its just making me want to see more Malkioni!

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