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    Jason Tetezlaff


    I would really appreciate any opinions on this. I would like to use Lhankor Mhy’s discern cosmic law feat to create a spell that would erase a specific memory. My defense for this is this
    1) memories are really no more than a form of knowledge
    2) Lhankor Mhy control the brain flayers which already consume knowledge – This would be a more specific use of that.

    I don’t think that this would go against Lhankor Mhy as it is not destroying any written knowledge. As I envision using this spell, the knowledge would only be destroyed in one place and it would be the tainted, usually Lunar, view of what happened. So it wouldn’t be the correct form of the knowledge anyway.

    What do you think? would there be any repercussions for this?

    thanks for your opinions


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    Harald Smith

    Given that the “cult is single-mindedly bent on the accumulation of information”, this seems very much counter to the nature of Lhankor Mhy and much closer to that of Jolsedar, the Brain Flayer who took knowledge and thought, or to Thanatar who consumes knowledge. I could see it maybe with Irripi Ontor in balancing Truth and Illusion, but not Lhankor Mhy.

    However, you could have a spell that might lock the memory away or that transferred it to a written form (and thus take that away to a Temple of Knowledge where it can be closely guarded). The knowledge is preserved, just not with the individual who originally gained the memory.

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    Jason Tetezlaff

    I really like both those options! Thank you so much, that makes seems to fit so much better than my original idea.


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