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    The Guide to Glorantha lists the following Troll populations:

    Dragon Pass 70,000
    Elder Wilds 430,000
    Fronela (Valind’s Glacier) 30,000
    Holy Country 41,000
    Kingdom of Ignorance 1,500,000
    Lunar Empire 460,000
    Maniria 5,000
    Pent 46,000
    Ralios 370,000
    White Sea (Keniryan Sea) 30,000
    Jrusteli Islands 72,000
    Errinoru Jungle 140,000
    Tarmo Mountains 500,000
    Total: 3,694,000

    Is the Dagori Inkarthi population missing? The 70,000 in Dragon Pass seems to small (is this the Skyfall lake population). Are they in the Lunar Empire (do they know they are members…) or Elder Wilds figures?

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    Roko Joko

    Yeah, the GtG says Dagori Inkarth has a very small population compared to its importance. p. 170:
    Trolls (Cliffhome)…………………… 10,000
    Trolls (Dagori Inkarth)…………….. 60,000
    Very easy to YGWV… well, any of it, but even if you want to stick close to the text you could relocate some of the Elder Wilds population into Dagori Inkarth.

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    Thank you.

    I guess that sort of makes sense. Dagori Inkarth is fairly small, and has marginal broken land – much of the good terrain being lost to the humans in Dragon pass in earlier ages. It just contains a high proportion of the ancient/tough trolls still in existence.

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