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    Emmanuel Ponette


    I follow the post ‘Sartar, a cultural crossroad…’ very intensively. I’m not at all a scholar in Glorantha trade and economics.

    Therefore my questions :

    1. Will GtG contains all this detains about trade, trade routes, …

    2. Will it have for each region a list of goods produce (I didn’t know that most Iron was from Frionela for instance, and it is a valuable information, and could be adventure plots)

    3. I plan to create a campagne where my players will do a round of the whole world with a merchant vessel (from Pameltela, round and back). is there (in GtG or somewhere else) a map of the trade routes, the goods exchanged (the main ones), the dangers (pirates, bandits, High tax kingdom, ..) for the whole Generthela?


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    Jeff Richard

    1. Yes. There is a map of major trade routes in the Guide. Plus a table listing the major goods imported and exported into each region.

    2. Yes, see above. Actually most iron is from Seshnela, not Fronela. The Iron Mountains in Seshnela is the source of perhaps half of the world’s iron,

    3. Yes, see above. There’s also plenty of information on sailing routes and times. However, you get to come up with the main dangers based on the rest of the text.

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    Emmanuel Ponette

    Nice.. Can’t wait then. Thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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