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    Edan Jones

    First of all, I just want to say I’m really enjoying what I’ve seen so far.

    Secondly, I’m curious as to the identities of the gods that Argrath meets in the pit of strangers.

    I recognize Deshkorgos, Natha, and Annilha from their appearance in Pavis and the Gods Wall, but I’m not sure about the Bull (Urox?), the Wailing White Woman (Inora? Gerra?), or the serpent (Lorion?)

    Would it be possible to get some confirmations or clues as to their identities?

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    I thought this was where Orlant met Chalana Arroy, Lhankor Mhy and Issaries. Probably mistaken though.

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    Pentallion – you’re probably thinking of the Lightbringers’ Quest.

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    No, I’m not. I’m thinking that the Strange Gods Orlanth met in the pit were the ones he eventually went with on the LBQ, but I’m pretty sure that’s where I heard he met LM and CA.

    Jane promoted that idea some while back:


    This, I decided, is where he met them for the first time. So the pit contains Issaries, Chalana-who-calms, The Knowing God, and Trickster.

    Hardly Canon, but probably where I got the thought in my head.

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    Harald Smith

    Oddly, or interestingly, Orlanth in the Pit with the Strange Gods seems like the other side (or ‘an’ other side) of the Naming of the Gods quest in the Pavis: Gateway to Adventure book. (Which I think is a really cool idea!)
    If that’s the case, then the Gods in the Pit could be any from Row IV of the Gods Wall.

    The ghostly figure could be the Missing Figure between #19 and #20.
    In the Guide the commentary indicates: This non-figure is ignored by Plentonius. The stripes without a figure indicate its invisible presence. It was probably Vorgetala, the Unseen Goddess of Wendaria, and one of the Finger Goddesses.
    Don’t know anything else about her.

    The serpent is likely another form of #1 Oslira (who was also the Blue Dragon).

    The bull though is a mystery. There is no bull god figure in the Pit on the Gods Wall. This bull has storm runes though. Shouldn’t be Urox since Urox had his own fight. Perhaps Bisos the Bull God of Carmania?
    I found this reference re: Darsen Hills in the Guide: “throngs of pilgrims travel each year to the Miringite Cave where Natha, Naveria, Oria, Bisos, Poralistor, and the other gods and goddesses came to the Surface World after being freed from the Fourth and Fifth Hells.”
    The Pit is the Fourth Hell.

    Suggests that the Orlanthi Pit of Initiation, the Yelmite Naming of the Gods, and the Pelandan/Darsenite myth of the escape from the Fourth Hell are interwoven.

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