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    Currently I’m preparing one of the players from my upcoming first HeroQuest campaign for playing a Lhankor Mhy sorcerer. For this I’m using the Lhankor Mhy cult description from HeroQuest Glorantha as well as the one from Sartar:Kingdom of Heroes. Both descriptions mention the Torvald Fragments as one of the most commonly copied fragments of the Eternal Book, which is found in many Lhankor Mhy libraries. The description in Sartar:Kingdom of Heroes mentions explicitly, that the Torvald Fragments does contain 11 spells (page 161, in the side bar) and indeed both descriptions list 11 spells – but only 10 are the same in both descriptions.

    In Sartar:Kingdom of Heroes the third spell listed is Spell of Summons, which does not appear in the list in HeroQuest Glorantha.
    In HeroQuest Glorantha the eleventh spell listed is Speak Truth, which does not appear in the list in Sartar:Kingdom of Heroes.

    So the big question is: which of the two lists is the right one? Or do the Torvald Fragments contain 12 spells?

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    The word “fragments” is the key here. Different libraries will have different collections of fragments with different spells. The spells listed are both correct, but undoubtably from different libraries. There are probably hundreds of spells in the fragments. Finding more is covered in the rules.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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