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    It’s been a while since we gave you a news update, so I thought we’d celebrate spring’s arrival (not that you’d know it in deepest Ontario) with some news on recent developments.

    Let’s start with the RuneQuest Gateway news. The RQ Gateway is a third party license allowing publishers to create their own supplements for RuneQuest.

    Chronicles of Future Earth (Mindjammer Press)
    This news broke yesterday, but we’re more than happy to repeat it. Mindjammer Press, the company behind ‘Mindjammer’, ‘Monsters and Magic’ and ‘Chronicles of Future Earth’ will be publishing the second edition of the Chronicles book using RQ6 as the game engine. We’re thrilled that Sarah Newton chose us because we’ve been friends for quite a while and its always great to work with people like Sarah and companies like Mindjammer. We’re really looking forward to what Sarah does with Chronicles and it’s terrific to have her as a partner.


    Stupor Mundi (Alephtar Games)
    Another good friend, Paolo Guccione, will be releasing the excellent Stupor Mundi sourcebook for RQ6 under the Gateway license. Stupor Mundi was originally an MRQ1 release, but Paolo has taken the opportunity to fully update the book using RQ and, having seen the first-draft files, it’s looking very good indeed. If you’re interested in historical roleplaying in 13th Century Europe, then this will be the setting for you.


    Solace Games
    Anthony Uyl’s Solace Games is another new RQ Gateway partner that we’re delighted to welcome aboard. Solace has produced a number of diverse supplements for Pathfinder, Legend, Call of Cthulhu and, now, RQ6. The first release is a detailed cult write-up, The Cult of the Black Veil, and we’re looking forward to seeing this – and more – of his work.


    So that’s the RuneQuest Gateway partnership news. Now for Design Mechanism’s plans…

    RuneQuest: Classic Fantasy
    Rod Leary’s excellent guide to traditional dungeon crawling, evoking the halcyon days of fantasy roleplaying’s origins, comes to RuneQuest. Rod is adapting his Classic Fantasy rules (first published as an acclaimed BRP monograph) exclusively for RuneQuest 6th edition. This isn’t a supplement – it’s a complete game specifically tailored to recreating that original dungeoneering experience. Rod’s hard at work on the manuscript, and we are anticipating a late 2014/early 2015 release.

    RQ:Classic Fantasy will be completely compatible with all our existing supplements and adventures, but communicates a unique feel and gaming style that is geared wholeheartedly towards dungeon crawls and subterranean campaigns, recreating many of the themes found in the very first fantasy roleplaying games.

    Shores of Korantia
    This is currently in final proofing and should be going to press in the next few weeks. Once it’s on the way to the printer, we will be opening pre-orders. Shores of Korantia is 230 pages and will be priced at $30. We will be publishing some page previews in the course of the next week.

    RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha
    Work continues on AiG and we know that many of you are impatient for its release as The Guide to Glorantha draws ever closer. Well, there’s still a lot of work to do, and we cannot give any indication of publication date as yet. However, it is Pete’s main priority and he’s working very hard on making this a definitive Glorantha gaming reference. We will keep everyone posted on progress when there’s more to report.

    Mythic Britain
    The manuscript will shortly be going for editing and the intention is to have Mythic Britain available for Gencon – but this isn’t a guarantee. It will certainly be out by the autumn and we’ll publish some previews as soon as we can.

    Mythic Constantinople
    At the recent Petecon in Sweden, Michael ‘MOB’ O’Brien ran a whole evening’s worth of Byzantine goodness. The campaign takes you into an Ottoman-besieged Constantinople, across to the Ottoman heartlands, over the seas to medieval Italy and Greece, through huge naval battles, intimate court intrigues and more. This will be a terrific campaign – with large parts based on real events of 1453 and that period. Very excited about this book.

    Sun County
    Because MOB is multi-talented, he’s working on both Constantinople and Sun County simultaneously. We’re hoping to be able to release Sun County very close to AiG, but there’s a way to go yet.

    Luther Arkwright
    We have much of the groundwork on Arkwright done and this will be my next project once I’ve finished everything I need to do on Mythic Britain. John White is contributing an excellent, detailed, parallel that examines an alternate Europe and America following a Confederate victory in the American Civil War with plenty of adventuring scope to find out what hand the Disruptors had in the grand scheme of things. Rules-wise, characters will play WOTAN agents, each with a unique ability or power, and a unique neurosis or dependency, that marks them out from the rank and file. Still lots to do on this book, but we’re aiming for an Autumn/Winter 2014 release.

    ‘Red Rocks’
    Following-on from Hessaret’s Treasure, Matt Eager is working on a longer, more intricate scenario pack that will, once again, be set in The Realm. Its working title is ‘Red Rocks’ but expect this to change as the scenario develops.

    Free Supplements
    We have several free supplements planned for release: one, which Pete is working on, is super-secret for now. The others will cover ships and sea-faring, and rules for shield walls and larger scale conflicts. These will appear when they’re ready, and as our schedule allows.

    As ever, thank you for your continued support and questions. It will be a great year for RuneQuest!

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