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    Very interesting, enjoyed a lot. I noticed one apparent internal contradiction – dwarf in the Mortal Speech is considered a mortal language while later, in the Elder Races section, Mostali is considered to be totally independent. Is this a deliberate differentiation between the immortal Mostali and the potentially mortal dwarfs?


    To me Mortal Speech comes across as the runic language of the Man Rune.

    On the other hand, the concept of language itself is tied to the communication rune, and we have several groups claiming the origin of language to another source (e.g. the Kachasti of Danmalastan).

    I wonder where the Hsunchen languages fit in. Definitely mortal languages, and possibly influenced by some runic elements, too (spirit would be obvious, but elemental runes might come in as well). The idea that the Likiti-influenced Pendali Warerans of Seshnela spoke the same language as the Agimori-like Basmoli of Tarien would mean that Hsunchen languages are as immutable as Elder Race languages. I would like to see a degree of relations between Hsunchen languages – could the God Learner beast god genealogy also be based on linguistic relationships between Hsunchen groups? And how much did those beast dialects influence the major language groups? Does Kralorelan have Dragon Hsunchen influences to set it apart from other Vithelan languages? Did later assimilated Hsunchen bring elements of their language into the local dialects of Kralorela or Ralios?

    Then there is the question what Underworld dialects have made it onto the surface. Would Mazari amazons and Alkothi Shargashi be able to debate the finer points of Tolat-worship? Would Zaranistangi, Artmali or Teshnans share Underworld language elements?

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    Very interested in the dwarf language origins myself. Briefly considered that Mostali was the root language of the elemental languages, but that wouldn’t work, of course. I guess they language could be thought of as Machine Language and thus set apart from Living Languages.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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