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    Simon Bray

    Hi All,

    Here are some weird and wonderful items that must exist in Glorantha!

    First off a hat with a deadly sting, each of those bands is a razor sharp metal quoit, there is also a hidden fighting claw and two daggers. This is clearly a Westerners hat, although Fonrit or Teshnos could be in the running as well.

    The second piece is a ceremonial hat belonging to a High Priest of Somash in Teshnos.

    A piece of Teshnan propoganda which illustrates the true identity of foreign merchants making secret deals in Dosakayo, the black demon represent a priest from the Kingdom of Ignorance, the red demon a Kralori and the grey an Esrolian from the Holy Country.



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    Phil Nicholls

    Hi Simon,

    Cool pictures.

    I especially liked the Hat of Many Things. There is a lot of potential there, for a Hat Keyword with assorted fighting abilities.

    Thank you for sharing
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