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    Do we have any details about what a Sartarite wedding ceremony looks like? The son of the Orlmarth chieftain has successfully wooed the daughter of King Thanos of the Goodswords and now the players want the wedding to happen. Naturally things will go wrong, but I’m wondering if there’s anything about what such a ceremony looks like when it goes normally. We know from KoDP that people stand on the bride or groom’s side or stand guard, but do we know anything else?

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    Harald Smith

    There’s a little bit on marriage in Thunder Rebels. In advance of the marriage, the clans and families will be involved in determining the type of marriage arrangement (e.g. Year Husband, Husband & Wife, Wife & Underhusband, etc.) including who moves where, which clan the children belong to, and whether there is property exchange. The clan ring has the final say in whether a marriage is permissible or not.

    The clan ring, or more likely the clan’s priest/priestess, will divine the best day for the marriage to occur (reading the stars or other auguries). The person moving will presumably travel with kin to the clan where the marriage will occur. There are dangers to that if there is distance to travel, particularly from enemy clans.

    Otherwise, Thunder Rebels notes that a divine oath is taken between the parties, which presumably completes the arrangement.

    I’d probably embellish more on the event. Some goods ideas here: http://www.soltakss.com/marriage.html

    Consider including:

      – Departure from the clan – by horse, cart, or foot depending on status – some decorations for good luck, fertility, etc.
      – Welcome/hospitality to those arriving
      – An exchange of Gifts (e.g. dowry is given) – maybe something special given (or someone suggests adding something special whether flowers, a personal item, etc.)
      – The ceremony/oath itself – presided over by the clan lawspeaker most likely; the bride and groom might bind their hands together with a rope before taking the oath.
      – A feast – particularly where you are talking about the son of the Orlmarth chieftain – to show the generosity of the clan
      – The bride and groom retire to the Lover’s Hut or the Earth shrine
      – Departure of the kin

    When I wrote up marriage ceremonies for Imtherians years ago, it was always good luck to have the marriage blessed by the Trickster (and of course no one ever knew what the Trickster would do, or sometimes who the trickster even was!). And conversely bad luck if no Trickster appeared (a sure sign of a marriage without laughter or love).

    Hopefully some of those thoughts help.

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    Some very good suggestions.Thanks! I’ve decided that bride undergoes a blessing ceremony in the loom house of her new clan before the ceremony itself–that will give me a chance to throw in a complication for the clan in the form of an ill omen.

    One of the PCs has the clan Eurmali as his bondsman/supporter, so I think that’s a perfect opportunity to make him regret having a bondsman.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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