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    For anyone still playing or interested in playing RQ3, I’ve included some of the resources used in my current campaign.
    We call it RQ 3.9 as it’s only basically RQ3 with a decade or more of cobbled-on bits. Most of these docs were only created originally for my own use, so they do not have attributions but please understand that much of this is taken from all over the web over a good decade+ of ramblings, for example:

    Western Sorcery: mostly from Sandy Petersen’s, quite a bit from Nick Effingham, others, edited because I thought the Saint powers were crazy op.
    Shamanism: taken from everyplace, mashed together.
    Training Minigame: I know someone else had built a skill-training system with skills being dangerous, self-trainable, etc. I just put it into spreadsheet to resolve more simply, and added injury/risk effects.
    Campaign notes and houserules: some mine, some other peoples that I thought neat, most are something in-between.
    Refsheets are the charts and tables generally mentioned in the houserules docs.
    RQ-Roller is my own thing, it’s a RQ3 random monster-generator. Got it’s own FAQ document – you should read to understand how this will differ than bog-standard RQ. Only thing it doesn’t do (yet) is spells or spirits.
    The character sheet is also the last tab in the roller file: it’s actually coded so that if you fill in the stats, it calculates out the damage mod, hp locations, agility/etc mods. Otherwise they’re left blank for a clean printed sheet for manual filling.

    If it’s useful for anyone, enjoy. Let me know if you have questions or find things that don’t work.

    Zip file, 1.7 megs


    Thanks, Steve! I play Chaosium RQ2 not 3, but I still play and I’m sure I’ll find something useful in your docs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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