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    Hannu Kokko

    RQ Encounter Generator (for RQ6) (the creation of skoll (his nickname in thedesignmechanism forums)) has grown lately to have quite a bit of new features and content. Content is crowd sourced.

    So for the hard working GM’s there is now an easy way to generate many types of enemies. You need a herd of allosaurs – click, select number press generate and unleash doom. The characters finished them off – need a bigger reserve herd – click a number and generate again. Other beasts got attracted to the noise – perhaps a tyrannosaur – click a number and generate again.

    Endless supply of Lunar more what you need – pick from the list – generate again. In units nicely formed of up to 40 individuals – they will march to restore peace and order in the name of the Moon again.

    Town guards noticed your character’s getaway from the second story job – click a number and generate.

    Serpent People to fill your jungle with silent death – select from the list.

    A number of templates have already been created for Gloranthan, Monster Island, General Fantasy settings by the users of the system.


    Need a new kind of enemy – use the templates from existing races and templates, modify to your heart’s content and create away. http://ouropa.planeetta.com/rq_tools/enemygen/instructions/

    Need new feature that does not exist – there is a discussion thread at the Design Mechanism forum to discuss new features.

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    Richard Gorman

    Quite superb. Big thanks to Skoll and Hannu-Kokko for the link.

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    Hannu Kokko

    RQ Encounters has a new version out:

    Main new features:

    1. You can create and save a party of enemies encountered together. For example “Dragonewts on a Warpath: 2d3 dragonewt scouts, 4 dragonewt beaked warriors – skilled, 1 dragonewt beaked warrior elite, 5 demibirds”. Party can have notes as well.

    2. PDF export of the generated results

    3. Filter the enemies by “All/Glorantha/Monster Island/General fantasy”.

    4. Generate button to all the template pages.

    5. Improvements in printing

    Content has also grown quite a bit. Currently there are over 250 enemy templates including 30 group templates for available and you can easily create more from scratch or from existing ones. Over 120 creature types/races are represented. 

    Profile photo of Hannu Kokko
    Hannu Kokko

    Some new features

    Able to generate
    – Spirits
    – Shamans & Thanatari with priest and acolyte templates

    Many parties can be generated
    – Quiet Night at Gimpy’s
    – Bar at a port city
    – Raiding parties for all major tribes in Prax
    – Lunar parties for cities and outside cities
    – Sartarite parties
    – Morokanth Slavers
    – ship crews
    – caravans

    Over 350 templates – parties, enemies both for Glorantha, Monster Island and Generic Fantasy. Most of them fit for Glorantha

    Profile photo of Hannu Kokko
    Hannu Kokko

    New features – tagging, first round of filtering. Workaround for chaotic features for broos – use the broo Raw Desert Raider as the template or one of the thed initiates or Shamans

    Content – More than 430 templates for enemies and enemy parties now exist. Quite a few Pamaltelan creatures added

    Profile photo of Hannu Kokko
    Hannu Kokko

    Chaos Feature support added. You can add one or more chaos features for your template, assign a probabilty of it occurring and chaos features will be generated for you for the enemies.

    Most of the existing templates created by myself have been updated with the chaos feature. It is easy to add a chaos feature for your template – just press add chaos feature button as many times you want.

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    Hannu Kokko

    The RQ encounter now supports additional features for parties and enemies. Some of them are:
    Monster Island Diseases – most primitive island parties can now be vectors for diseases.
    Distinguishing Features
    Situations where you find the party
    Fatigue state for the party
    Sailor Nations with ship descriptions – check the party Sailing ship crew and generate
    Party Missions
    Spirit Fetch abilities
    Nature and Curse spirit abilities
    Thanatari Geases and Gifts
    Monster Island Tribes and High Folk with their associated island politics.
    Lanbril items
    Activity at Bar.

    Some content updates:

    Batman is here. There are now some Crimson Bat parties with the Bat or without. Initiates, rune lords and priests with associated spirits and ticks.
    Same goes for the Mother of Monsters.
    Dryads and Aldrya initiates.

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    Barry Baker

    Love this tool, esp for Monster Island!! Well done guys!

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    Hannu Kokko

    Thanks. Here is the latest update

    RQ Encounter tool has some new features – December edition
    An update on the features and content created since start of November.

    Added “Do you feel lucky?” -button. Clicking the button will generate 6 instances of a randomly picked enemy based on the current filter plus search term
    Added support for mysticism. To start creating mystics, create a new template, add the skills Meditations and Mysticism to it and select the talents. If you can’t see the talent list after adding the skills, hit F5 to force the browser to reload javascript.
    Added support for elementals. To create a new elemental, select Elemental from the race list. Note: The calculation of the elemental hit points relies on POW being entered in format used in the rulebook, eg. 1d6+12 for Intensity 4.
    Added support for NPC random names. When specifying the template, you can select a namelist for the template. When the enemies are being generated based on the template, each enemy gets a random name from the list. Current lists include names for Orlanthi, Monster Island residents and Generic Fantasy, and more are on their way. If you have a name list you’d like to add, drop me a note.
    One can select an enemy feature item from a list – useful for example for having people from a certain tribe or a certain combat trait instead of a random one

    Most of the Monster Island creatures can now be generated.
    Many Afadjanni, Kareeshtu and other Pamaltelan enemies exist now including Mother of Monsters and her brood.
    Monster Island Daily Event as an example of a what might happen during a day in Monster Island http://ouropa.planeetta.com/rq_tools/enemygen/party/160/
    Mystics – a few example mystics created for example: Disciple of Dervishes of Copper Sands http://ouropa.planeetta.com/rq_tools/enemygen/enemy_template/1007/
    Sorcery orders – experimental way of creating sorcery orders and creating more colorful sorcerers in the context of Monster Island http://ouropa.planeetta.com/rq_tools/enemygen/enemy_template/1014/
    If you search for Monster Island and select as a filter with the appropriate terrain type (cloud forest, jungle, sea, flora, mountains, high plateau) and press “Do you feel lucky” you will generate a random enemy from that locale.
    Elemental spirits and elementals
    Maranci’s found items list incorporated as Encounter Feature.
    Many of the parties and encounters enhanced with the new enemy and party features.
    A few shrines and temples created in the party section
    New party and enemy features (Dec. 6, 2013)
    New or improved Enemy features:

    * Humakti gifts and geases
    * Yelmalio gifts and gases
    * Elemental spirit abilities
    * Sorcerer items
    * Clothing Coloring – Pamaltelan
    * Cover Role/disguise
    * Distinguishing Feature
    * Dwarven Item
    * Exotic Poison
    * Fonritan Free Women Clothing
    * Fonritan Freemen clothing
    * Fonritan Freemen Clothing Detail
    * Fonritian Appearance
    * Fonritian Slave Clothing
    * Kareeshtu Clothing
    * Lanbril Item
    * Malformity
    * Pocharngo’s Corruption
    Enemy Features
    Combat Style Trait
    Sartar Tribe
    Lightbringer Tribe in Prax
    Monster Island Brotherhood
    Monster Island Warrior Style
    Pavis Noble Family

    New Party features:

    * Attitude
    * Dwarven item
    * Fatigue State
    * Mission
    * Monster Island High Folk Culture
    * Monster Island Tribe
    * Pamaltelan/Monster Island Trade Item
    * Pirate Ship
    * Sailor Nation
    * Situation/activity
    * Teleos Appearance
    * Trade Goods
    * Monster Island Standard events
    * Monster Island Special events
    * Monster Island weather
    * Jungle Temperature
    * Jungle Traps

    Profile photo of Hannu Kokko
    Hannu Kokko

    Among some other things RQ Encounter tool now has the first generation of Bison Waha Shamans

    “First Bison Waha Shamans with RQ Encounter tool are here

    and no party is like a shaman party. Lots and lots of spirits available

    These will be tuned in future… YGWV”

    And the links are here

    Profile photo of Hannu Kokko
    Hannu Kokko

    RQ Encounter Generator has gone south – to Fonrit.

    There are now multiple parties for Afadjann in Fonrit.

    Following enemies can now be generated – initiates, acolytes and devotees for

    Calari the Hunter – Junping Leopard Man
    Ompalam the All knowing
    Orjethulut – The Silent One
    Garangordos the Wise
    Evukindu the Warrior
    Burayha Xolani – the Chirurgeon of Afadjann
    Um-Oradin the Corsair God
    Karkisso the Seer
    and a gaggle of Afadjann Black Baboons for supporting cast

    Fonritan parties have been enhanced with the presence of the above where required

    New parties have been created

    Afadjann Chirurgeon Party
    Afadjann Doctors Without Limits
    Afadjann Leopard Men on the Move
    Afadjann Leopard Men on Silent Mission
    Afadjann Ompalam Priests
    Afadjann Patrol
    Afadjann Police Hunter Patrol, Serious Business
    Afadjann Slave Hunter Patrol
    …with more to come

    New features in program include

    naming your enemies on the generated page (just click on a name)
    new front page with just your favorites and a fast search
    editable notes on the generated page



    Profile photo of Simon Bray
    Simon Bray

    If I could make a suggestion? The Calari as I wrote them use black leather armour or chitin from Lucan timinits with leopard skin cloaks. They almost always use the Black Baboons and /or leopards when hunting. The favour spears and nets for hunting and all use fighting claws. They began as a Hsunchen tribe from the forests of Laskal who allied early on with Garangodos, I think their “God” is actually a Great spirit. They were in part inspired by the Medjay of Egypt, I also think they have no love of the Bat People.

    If I get a chance Hannu I will email you the second Fonritan Freeform as a reference document, which done to fit closer to the Guide.


    Profile photo of Hannu Kokko
    Hannu Kokko

    Thanks. Will assimilate….

    Profile photo of Hannu Kokko
    Hannu Kokko

    Assimilated so far. Looking forward to the freeform. Any ideas about the Great Spirit…

    Profile photo of Simon Bray
    Simon Bray

    I think you could keep him as a god, I know this whole Misapplied Worship thing was thrown out recently to some degree, but Greg insisted to Martin Hawley and myself that Fonrit is one of the worst places for misapplied worship, they often worship Spirits in a Godlike manner.

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