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    Martin Hawley

    Does anyone have any ideas what happened to Redbird after Starbrow’s Rebellion in 1613?

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    Harald Smith

    He appears at the court of Prince Temertain of Sartar in 1618 (see Sartar:Kingdom of Heroes in the Red Hands of Hofstaring segment) and is given an NPC role to talk with the PC’s.
    He also appears in Sartar Companion in the Return to Apple Lane scenario. Not specifically dated, but should appear ~1618 timeframe as well. In this case, he is traveling and learns the PC’s have the Lead Grimoire, which he will try to buy (or steal).

    Based on those encounters, I’d place him either at court or visiting Jonstown knowledge temple, probably on tasks for: Prince Temertain, Tatius or another Lunar official, or his own knowledge quests. Possibly visiting tribal centers or even Esrolia if he’s heard rumors of some magic item or another.

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    David Scott

    Some small tidbits of background

    The Greg Stafford Interview in Tales 5 (1991)


    Redbird has gone to never never land. I don’t know where he came from or where he’s gone! He ran into a series of very unfortunate mitbaps in Sartar. The last I had heard of him he bad been taken prisoncc by Trolls who delighted in eating small parts of his body to make him use up all of his magical powers so that he could be controlled.

    and the Lore Auction in published in the RQ Con Compendium (1994).

    GS: Yes . Yeah, I am not one who enjoys mixing genres. I think it always does each genre a disservice.
    59: So the parallelism is just there.
    GS: Correct. Vlkings can’t show up in Glorantha in my game. I let it happen it once and I still regret it. That was Redbird.
    SP: A D&D character.
    GS: Never again.
    SP: Redbird finally ended up going to a Stormbringer world.
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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