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    What are her runes?

    I think she has the Horse rune yes? If so, does that replace an element rune when I make a character, or should I still pick Earth or Fire or whatever?

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    Robin Mitra

    You have to distinguish between the runes of the goddess and the runes of your player character.
    1. The runes of Redalda are Fire and Horse (see Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, p. 111).
    2. The runes of your character could be anything, but one must be an element. There is no cult write-up of Redalda, so it’s up to you whether Fire or Horse or both are Redalda’s rune affinities through which people can approach her. Hence your PC could have e.g. Fire, Horse, Movement. But it could also be Fire, Truth, Harmony or Earth, Horse, Mastery.

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    Thanks for that, makes sense.

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    David Scott

    As Robin says, the current major reference to Redalda is in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, first on page 111 with the runes of fire and Horse in the Cults of Sartar section.

    The horse-loving daughter of Vingkot, Redalda is the horse goddess of the Orlanthi. Redalda is a minor goddess associated with Ernalda and Elmal. She has some followers in any clan that takes pride in its horses and stables.

    Secondly on page 153 in the Elmal cult. There she is presented as a subcult, the way that women follow Elmal – much like Vinga is the way women follow Orlanth.

    So as a standalone women’s horse cult in the Toena clan and at Runegate it’s Fire and Horse.
    In Elmal it’s fire and truth. Horses are connected to the Fire rune as shown in the Redalda feat (but as a player i’d make sure my third rune was horse).

    Other info can be found in the Book of Heortling Mythology.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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