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    Andrew Raphael

    I haven’t seen any information about the playtest packet on the site, so I thought I should start, just to show keenness. 😉

    The 13th Age in Glorantha play test packet has arrived in backer’s accounts (mine and Yohann’s at any rate). I’ve downloaded and skimmed through it while my iPad is upgrading, and it looks very neat to me.

    I’ll be setting up my Roll20 campaign with it starting tomorrow. It’s open to anyone interested. I’ll run several games for people in different timezones (Asia / Pacific & Europe already lined up). It’s called Pavis: Gateway to Adventure just like the book because it’ll eventually go there after play test is complete.


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    Yohann Delalande

    I’ve started to read it as well, and although I won’t say anything about it openly so as to respect the playtest instructions, I will just say this: I can’t wait to run and play 13th Age in Glorantha now.

    Andrew, we’ll need to figure out when we can play together, Europe-ish time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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