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    Thomas Devine

    Hello, I’ve owned several editions of RuneQuest in the past, I hope to get the 6th edition as soon as it’s in hardcopy. I’ve often played Ogres who’ve joined the Lunar way and rejected their heritage of canabalism and cruelty. Is seeking Enlightenment in the Lunar way still a path open for Chaos folk who want to leave their destructive past behind?

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    David Cake

    Yes. The Red Goddess teaches that Illumination can ‘heal’ chaos, and make them wish to transcend rather than destroy the world. Lunar doctrine officially says that they accept chaotic beings who are on the Lunar way.

    That said:
    – even the Lunars believe that a chaotic being has not truly overcome its chaotic heritage until it is illuminated, and becoming Illuminated via the Lunar way is very difficult.
    – So some monitoring of a known ogre, and punishment of ogre-like behaviour, is likely (if an ogre indulged in unauthorised cannibalism, the Lunar hierarchy might decide that the ogre can best follow the Lunar way via the path of Danfive Xaron)
    – until such an ogre can learn to mask its chaotic aura via Illumination, they may still be detected as chaotic by storm bulls etc, which of course means they will still have big problems in non-Lunar societies.
    – and while the Lunar way may help a chaotic being accept who it is, they may still feel the urges towards cannibalism and cruelty! The Empire may even acknowledge and accept this, and deal with it by channeling it in ‘acceptable’ ways – allow an ogre convert to feast on the occasional executed rebel, or set them to interrogating rebel conspirators. An Illuminate can probably truly control these urges, but probably not a simple initate (or ‘kindled’ Lunar in their terminology).
    – and, of course, non-Lunars will generally simply not ever believe that such a change is possible, and that Illuminates have merely learnt to hide their evil natures.
    – which all adds up to it being a fun and challenging character arc!


    I hope to get the 6th edition as soon as it’s in hardcopy.

    Do you mean to say that you think that RQ6 is not available in hardcopy? Because it definitely is, has been a long time and has not been out of print since publication of the hardcover version. Moon Design seems (to me) to be only carrying the paperback version—which does not have the errata added—but you can get the hardcover from the publisher, The Design Mechanism. Or try your Friendly Locale Game Store.

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