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    David Scott

    I suspect that loads of people are going to look their favourite campaign destinations in the Guide and go “what!” I myself made up loads of stuff for campaigns that is getting contradicted in the Guide. If I were you I’d keep it just as you like it, although making the oasis a hidden green is a cool idea. If it works for you, keep it. Your Glorantha Will Vary.

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    David Scott
    Quote from Scott Martin on December 11, 2013, 00:10
    So Orlanth among the beast riders is passed on father to son? I imagined it more as an elective men’s society that beast riders are initiated into after some time worshipping Waha — but if not, then I guess no special initiation into Orlanth is necessary as you say.

    All Praxians go through their initiation in to the tradition at puberty. One part is

    (boys] A few experience glimpses of their destiny, they hear the Call of Bull Roarer nearby and are driven to seek out and fight the chaos, or they find themselves separated on the Great Plain and must survive on their own, or they are attacked by malevolent spirits which they dispatch with ease. When they return the Elders hear their stories and understand that they will leave the Path of Waha with his permission, claimed by father and friends. They are moved into new bands to prepare them. Their fate is no longer the concern of Waha.

    Some will have felt the call of Adventure and the Elders will put them in a boys band led by an Orlanth follower. Eventually they will go through their Great initiation and join the Orlanth Society. They are most likely to join the Waha society as well.

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    In the now “suspect” Book of Drastic Resolution – Darkness there is a tale of how a darkness trickster god (I have forgotten the name) was being chased by Orlanth after some misdeed and whacked the Storm God in the head with the two Pairing Stones to avoid capture. Is this myth still intact to explain why the stones lean into each other or is that apocryphal myth as well?
    Rod Robertson

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    Jeff Richard

    None of the Drastic Resolution books are canon – they were the author’s speculations, combined with unpublished notes from Greg and others. The problem with using unpublished material is often it was unpublished for a reason. That’s the strength and weakness of fan publications – they can fill gaps in the official published material, but at the risk of being completely contradicted when published material comes out.


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    I think all the myths are true to which ever culture they belong too. I like the Trickster story of banging them together and shall steal that one.

    Plus having conflicting myths makes it all the more fun. I like bemused and befuddled adventurers, it is their natural state….

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    Simon Phipp
    Quote from David Scott on December 10, 2013, 23:58
    Wind Khans are the Praxian title for Wind Lords. They are pretty much the same as their Sartarite counterparts, except they are part of the Praxian tradition and not Orlanthi. There are only 16k Orlanth worshippers in the Wastelands compared to 37k in Sartar, so there are some differences in the cult – mainly that only the Adventurous aspect exists. They don’t need to join Orlanth’s family – they are Orlanth’s family.

    So, Prax and the Wastes have just under half (43%) as many Orlanthi as the great Orlanthi bastion of Sartar. Now that is interesting. I assumed that Little Brother would have some followers, but not that many. Presumably this includes the Pol Joni as well?

    Given 16k Orlanthi, surely some of them would be Vingans? I cannot see any reason why. If young Praxian men can hear the call of Orlanth then the occasional young Praxian woman might as well. After all, not all Praxian women follow just Eiritha.

    As for Praxian Orlanthi in general, I tend to treat them slightly differently than Sartarite Orlanthi. They are restricted to their own mounts, for a start. They are loyal to their own clan/tribe as well as to the Little Brother Tradition, but they can be friendly to other tribesmen in the Little Brother Tradition. They have a huge inferiority complex to Storm Bulls and are rivals to the Thunder Bird Society, who they see as worshippers of an inferior storm deity. There is, of course, some overlap between Storm Bull, Orlanth, Thunderbird and Gagarth.

    Little Brother is to Orlanth what Sword Brother is to Humakt.

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    David Scott

    The numbers are based on the ones we put up here: http://www.glorantha.com/lesser-tribes-of-prax/comment-page-1/#comment-326 and the cult percentages in Cults of Prax (Drastic Prax was not used). The Actual numbers are:

    Orlanth 15711 & Vinga 671. The proportional split is the same as Sartar.

    The Orlanth Society is present in the following tribes: Bison, High Llama, Impala, Morokanth, Sable, Rhino, Ostrich, Unicorn, Bolo, Zebra, Pol Joni.

    The Largest group are the Impala Tribe 9216 Orlanth & 384 Vinga, (they are the largest tribe 120000), the Pol Joni 1920 Orlanth & 80 Vinga (pop of 10000).

    The Orlanth Society in the Wastelands, follows pretty much that printed in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, except no Storm or Mastery aspects. Adventurous is the key form.

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    David Scott

    oops an error had crept in with Pol-Joni, the revised numbers are:

    Orlanth 14751 & Vinga 631. The proportional split is the same as Sartar.

    The Largest group are the Impala Tribe 9216 Orlanth & 384 Vinga, (they are the largest tribe 120000), the Pol Joni 960 Orlanth & 40 Vinga (pop of 10000).

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