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    Quote from Jeff Richard on March 17, 2014, 11:14
    The Battle of Iceland (also called the Battle of Auroch Hills) in 1622 partially frees Orlanth, and allows those who follow King Broyan (and participated in his ceremonies before, during, and after the battle) to access Orlanth’s (and Ernalda’s) powers through Broyan (as effectively High Priest). It also weakens the Lunar magic, allowing Ernalda to be contacted at Ezel, and possibly other effects as well.

    Around the same time, three yellow stars appear out of Storm Gate and follow the path of Orlanth’s Ring up the Sky Dome (taking seven days), and then disappear. They reappear at Storm Gate seven days later.

    This also plays into the coup d’etat in Nochet in 1622 – Esrolian supporters of Broyan (who can prove they have the support of Ernalda by accessing Her magic) force Queen Hendira and her Lunar allies out of the city, starting the Esrolian Civil War.

    Ultimately it is the magic unleashed at the Battle of Pennel Ford in 1624 that releases Orlanth from the Underworld and seriously disrupts the Lunar rituals at the New Lunar Temple. Orlanth’s Ring emerges from the Stormgate, now with 11 instead of 8 stars).

    So, many different major battles and HeroQuests, rather than just one. That makes a lot of sense.

    Quote from Charles Corrigan on March 17, 2014, 14:45
    The Battle of Pennel Ford is probably my most favourite scene from King of Sartar. The image of Harrek leading a small unit diagonally from one flank of the front line to another to avenge a petty insult (well maybe not so petty 😀 ) is fantastic. One of the consequences of this action is that many of the sun priests in Dragon Pass are dead, even if they were nowhere near the battle – likely they were providing magical support to Tatius for the battle and also maintaining the ritual that prevented Orlanth from atoning to Yelm.

    I hadn’t put the timeline together well enough and missed that the burning of the Yelm Priests occured before, or at the same time, as Orlanth’s return.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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