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    Alfonso García

    Hi there!

    I’m adapting this sorcery order, taken from Blood over Gold to RQ6, for my Manirian campaing. The Book of the Cerulean Iron grimoire can be used to summon three essence demons, called “Manzarian Guardian”, “Ghost of the Sinner” and “Jemari”

    Anyone could describe me their appearance, powers or capabilities to remake them using the RQ6’s creature rules? I have made a quick internet search, but I haven’t find any clue about this creatures.


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    David Scott

    One of the joys of HeroQuest is watching players inventing stuff based on the names of spells and charms. In HeroQuest spells are not fixed, just narrow in scope so only do what you say. So you just need to make them up yourself – there is no other information. BTW, they needn’t be essence demons. Raise Ghost of Sinner (no the) could be anyone who was a sinner brought back as a zombie. Invoke Manzarian Guardian could conjure up some kind of iron dwarf-like creature. In HeroQuest terms, I’d give the Book of Cerulean Iron the Magic Rune so Summon Jemari could be anything you like from an otherworld.

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    Alfonso García

    Thank you, David.

    I know how HeroQuest works. I was asking to be sure that nothing was known about them. They may have appeared somewhere I don’t know. Now, knowing that they are only names, I’m free to create them from the scratch.

    I assigned the Magic Rune to the order too!

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    Edan Jones

    I managed to find them in Ye Booke of Tentacles IV, in Jeff Kyer’s “Black Oaks, Black Magic”.

    The ghosts of sinners were just ghosts, but as sorcerous essences they were harder for Orlanthi to deal with.

    The Manzarian Guardians were Mountain Lion like great-cats, whose bodies were made of molten gold, and radiated great heat.

    The Jemari were vampiric essences from the Underworld, and resembled humanoid bats the size of men. They were thinking and plotting creatures, who used their own sorcery, and fed on fresh meat and the magic held within the blood of mortals.

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    Alfonso García

    Thank you very much, Edan!

    It’s exactly what I wanted!

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