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    In this age of Kickstarter, I’m surprised no one has created a PC/computer game using Glorantha or some flavor of Runequest. The Gloranthan guide got such a nice turnout on Kickstarter. Why not more projects?

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    Hannu Kokko

    King of Dragon Pass is available on Pc and iPad. it is kind of definitive statement on Orlanthi culture in Dragon Pass

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    Played it to death already, fantastic game. I’d love to have more Glorantha games like that, and maybe an old-school isometric view RPG using RQ ala the Baldur’s Gate / Icewind Dale series.

    Just picked up the RQ6 rules book at my local RPG store though, so that will suffice for a bit.

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    Quote from Beornvig on May 10, 2014, 22:42, and maybe an old-school isometric view RPG using RQ ala the Baldur’s Gate / Icewind Dale series.

    I’d be so up for that. Money well spent. Though something along the lines of the Witcher franchise would be better.

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    Bo Whitten

    I am currently running an RQ game (longest I have gone without one running is about 6 months, and that was rare!!!). I use a combination of RQ 2 and RQ 3 I call, wait for it…. RQ 2.5!!! Voila! Creative, ain’t I?

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    We have been playing RQ2 almost since it came out. I ran a Glorantha campaign for a number of years. When RQ3 came out, my friend started a pseudo-Glorantha campaign – different maps, changed the names of the gods, etc. We used the sorcery rules and the HP calculation, but otherwise much like RQ2. One of the biggest sticking points was the changing of Defence into a Dodge skill. Since 95% of our players were SCA fighters, we felt that Defence was more believable.
    The campaign became quite high-level by our old Glorantha standards. When my friend moved away, two of us continued until the present day. RQ2 has been adapted to everything from the 1920’s to Space. RQ in Space has been ongoing for damn near 20 years!
    I keep buying the newer versions of RQ but I find them too far removed from the original, and presented in a way that I just can’t get into. (Also I simply HATE the art and layout.) I am still not sure what the point is in changing the game!

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    I started playing back in early 80s with the RuneQuest III deluxe box set which was given to me by Greg Stafford who had been a friend of my moms back in college . I had so much fun playing RQ3, it ruined D&D for me. I wanted hit locations and to be scared of combat. Spent most of my high school years playing RQ and trying to convert other RPG players over to RQ. I now spend most weekends playing RQ6 in Glorantha with my kids. I truly enjoy the game and need to say thanks to Greg for getting me started and to the RQ6 writers for all the years of fun.

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    “King of Dragon Pass is available on Pc and iPad. it is kind of definitive statement on Orlanthi culture in Dragon Pass”
    -Seconded. There’s really no better way to ‘feel’ how the tribes of Dragon Pass work than KoDP. He really hit that one out of the park.
    Note, however, if you have the choice, get the ipad version. The PC one has, as far as I can tell, been rather long-abandoned and while still a great game (one of the few of that age I still play) is missing some later-added patches and “stuff”. The format-change from PC to ipad coding apparently makes porting this content BACK to the PC cost-prohibitive. 🙁

    In re the OP – my campaign is firmly set in RQ3 (3.9 as my players call it, with my rather heavily house-ruling over the 12+ year span it’s run…). I think I have nearly every Rq3 product there is…and then cheerfully ignore game canon in favor of whatever strikes me as fun. I’ve run RQ3 in a medieval earth setting for a number of years, but the current campaign is Glorantha.

    As a group we really, really wanted to like RQ6. I think Lawrence made a good game, and recommend it as a “living, breathing” set of RQ rules to those who enjoy the RQ flavor but move on from my campaign (move to other cities, etc) and don’t care to do the subtantial archaeology needed to run a RQ3 campaign. I think RQ6 is the best system extant for new players. So, call me a dinosaur.

    (I *still* want to like RQ6…and keep drifting back to it trying to figure out how to kludge it to work with my conception of how Things Should Work(tm).)

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    Herman Liebson

    I play RQIII, but I would like to give RQVI a go.

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