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    As some of you know I might be starting a Griffin Mountain campaign soon. I have a bunch of source material on Prax and River of Cradles area, such as Pavis and Rubble, the new Pavis book, the new Sartar book, Borderlands and Beyond, Cult compendium. I was hoping somone could point me to something about Tarsh and Dragon Pass (as characters might eventually travel this way on route to River of Cradles area), and also where to learn more about Lunar central cities in Peloria ( I think that is the center of the Lunar Empire?) Also I see the main Lunar religion is the 7 mothers, but I was
    wondering if there is a cult to the Red Moon Goddess herself?

    Thanks any info will be helpful!

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    David Scott

    That’s quite a far ranging question. The easiest answer is not a quick fix. The Guide covers it all. If you can’t wait it’s a bit more difficult. Sartar and the Companion cover a good portion of Dragon Pass. Wyrm’s Footnote 15 has more info on the Dragon Pass region – the far Place in the North, the Marsh in the middle and Sun Dome in the south. As for Tarsh, some is covered in:


    As for the Lunar heartlands, there’s not a lot, except for long out of print stuff that’s either incorporated into the Guide or superseded by it. There might be some stuff in G+ group or in the wiki on this site. Have a search.

    Pavis has a map of the Lunar empire on page 411, but no cities, and the Red Goddess’s cult is briefly described on page 409.

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    Jeff Richard

    I’d wait for the Guide to Glorantha to come out. It contains the definitive take on the Lunar Empire (as well as the rest of Glorantha). Nothing previously published even holds a candle to it.

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    Don’t forget that your characters might head to Prax via the Mountain route and Gonn Orta’s castle. A far quicker way to get to the River of Cradles, missing out Sartar and Tarsh completely. Without fail it has been what’s happened every time I have run Griffin Mountain.

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    David Scott

    Niall has a very good point – it happened in both of my campaigns as well. It’s worth mentioning here that it can happen the other way too. There’s a link up scenario in Borderlands that sends you to Gonn Orta.

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