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    While still trying to get a deeper understanding for the cult of Lhankor Mhy I’ve run into the following contradicting bits of information:

    • according to Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, p.163, the Final Information Library (in the city of Wonders, I guess) was build by the Pharao, “where Lhankor Mhy had rested with his bride when Time began.”
    • according to HeroQuest Glorantha, p.177, after 1616 the largest center of power of the cult is the Temple of Knowledge in Nochet, “where Lhankor Mhy is said to have rested for a while with his bride the Light of Knowledge after Time began.”

    And the question is: where did Lhankor Mhy did rest when time began (at least according to the cult of Lhankor Mhy): in Nochet or the City of Wonders?

    Or is this just the typical bickering between rivaling libraries? Each claiming the same event for their own location?


    The City of Wonders is situated on Loon Island, which was raised by Belintar during his ascension. I doubt very much that Lhankor Mhy and his bride rested at the bottom of the Choralinthor Bay, so IMO Nochet gets the honor.

    The confusion is about whether the Nochet Great Library is the Final Information Library, or whether that is situated in the City of Wonders.

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    Interesting thought …

    • HeroQuest Glorantha: “Prior to 1616, the largest center of power of the cult was the great library in the City of Wonders in the Holy Country. Since then it has been the Temple of Nochet …”
    • Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes: “The Nochet Library’s only rival is the Final Information Library, established by the Pharaoh in the Holy Country when he replaced the chief priests of several rival organizations. He built it on the spot …”

    My conclusions:

    • Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes states clearly, that the Nochet Library and the Final Information Library are rivals, so it cannot be the same library.
    • Because of this rivalry I thought the Final Information Library has to be the library, which HeroQuest Glorantha states to be “the largest center of power of the cult … in the City of Wonders in the Holy Country”. “Prior to 1616”. But this conclusion may be wrong.

    But Joerg’s statement about the island of Loon being raised not before the appearance of Belintar is certainly to be considered …

    I’ve found a reference about this event in the Guide to Glorantha on page 237. This makes my above conclusion null and void – which probably also explains, why the place of Lhankor Mhy’s rest was changed in the cult descriptions from Sartar:Kingdom of Heroes to HeroQuest Glorantha.

    So I would vote now for Nochet too.

    Thanks for the hint.

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    Harald Smith

    Before Belintar’s arrival in 1313 there was no City of Wonders and no Final Information Library there. But Lhankor Mhy had been present in Nochet in the God-time (recording the Charter of Nochet amongst other things) and the Great Library there existed before Harmast’s time, probably since the Dawn.
    When Belintar built the City of Wonders, he required other libraries to deliver copies of all their works to the Final Information Library. Likely the priests there co-opted the myth of the Dawn to their own needs (or maybe they even ‘proved’ mythically that that was in fact where LM rested with his bride! – that sounds like a perfect LM heroquest).
    Belintar’s departure spelled doom for the City of Wonders, and it will be subsequently sacked and disappear from the world altogether, and presumably the Final Information Library with it.

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