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    Dragon Pass & Environs (continued)

    P. 24: Larnste’s Footprint: no entry…
    P. 25: Shadow Plateau: “Some pessimistic humans think [that] as many as 40,000 trolls exist within this ancient complex.”
    P. 26: Stinking Forest: no entry…
    P. 30: Where are Gagix Two-Barb & Leonardo the Scientist?!?
    P. 30: “Sor-[Eel]” Writing Sor-eel, Eel-ariash, Hon-Eel or Jar-eel is a bit like writing John-paul II… I’ll never do it but, hey! YGWV!!!

    Dragon Pass Timeline

    P. 32: “Hill tribes move north from Hendriki and Esrolia and settle in the southern hills of Dragon Pass.” What about Colymar & his folk before that?
    P. 32: 1619: “Lunar Empire invades [Hendrikiland]; only the temple-fortress of Whitewall holds out against invasion. Grazelanders led by the Feathered Horse Queen raid Esrolia.”


    Creating Your Hero

    Samastina’s Saga: Introduction
    P. 35: “Kris picks [a] civilized Esrolian from Nochet.”
    P. 35: “Christine [also] wants to play [an] Esrolian from the city of Nochet.”
    P. 35: “David plays a Spirit-talker, and Christine wants [to] play a scribe.”
    P. 36: “Samastina’s Saga – Keywords: Kris decides to do some breakouts for Samastina’s noble keyword. She documents two specific abilities below:
    Noble 17
    Read and write +1
    [Ambitious (wants to be queen)] +2” Cf. p. 53.
    P. 37: Clan Keywords: “Abilities derived from the clan keyword should always be considered broader than abilities derived from a background […] occupational keyword.” Cf. “Keywords” p. 36.
    P. 39: “Your Community”: An ability, not a keyword… contra p. 37: “Clan Keywords”!
    P. 39: “Your hero is part of one or more communities such as a bloodline, a clan, a tribe, a city, a warband, or [a] temple.”
    P. 40: “As the above example attests, many dramatic stories can arise from a conflict between competing community obligations.” There is no “above example”.
    P. 41: Bandit: “Patron Deity: [Gagarth, Orlanth, Waha].”
    P. 41: Orlanthi Clans: “[The clan’s] contact with all outsiders is dominated by the clan chieftain, but most internal workings are determined by a general council of all the clan’s concerned adults.”
    P. 41: Fisher: “Patron Deity: Pelaskos & [Poverri], [twin gods] of Fishermen, and various river and Water Gods, such as Choralinthor, Engizi (god of the Creek-Stream River), and Zola Fel.”
    P. 41: No god-talker, how come?
    P. 41: Healer: “Healers minister to the sick and afflicted, binding wounds, treating disease, and [aiding] in childbirth.”

    Profile photo of Rick Meints
    Rick Meints

    Hello all,

    Thank you for all the wonderful feedback. We appreciate the typos trapped, inconsistencies identified, numbers normalized, formatting fixed, and boo-boos bettered. Unless somebody see something shockingly wrong, you may all cease in your labors. We want to get this to the printers asap, and the point of diminishing returns is upon us.

    We plan on doing more efforts like this for all future books. See you next time around.


    Defensive Responses
    P. 101: “If the Hero loses, he lodges 2 fewer Resolution Points against [himself.]” It’s better explained in HQ:CR.

    Profile photo of Jeff Richard
    Jeff Richard

    For what it is worth, the Holy Country is a confederation of five ancient kingdoms, but is divided into Sixths. Can anyone guess why?


    Creating Your Hero (continued)

    P. 44: 3. Choose a third Rune: “These Runes include: Law” Except that Law is missing from p. 18.
    P. 45: “Each Rune is associated with personality traits; you should familiarize yourself with the Personality Traits of your Runes.” Except that some Runes do not have their Personality Traits listed.
    P. 47: “For example, [Karganvale] takes the ability Iron Sword named [Neckchopper]. However, since he can fight
    with his [mercenary] keyword, he can use that to augment [Neckchopper], or vice versa. Alternatively, [Karganvale] could take the ability as a breakout from his [mercenary] keyword.”
    P. 49: Supporting Characters: “When they do so, the Game Master rolls on their behalf, using [the rating] she […] [assigns] to them.”
    P. 49: “Like any ability, the [sort] of problems a relationship can solve for you [depends] on how you describe it—in this case, how you describe the supporting character.”
    P. 54: The Vengeful Mercenary: “Franziska agrees that [it] is exactly [the] sort of god she wants her heroine to worship and gives her the Runes of Darkness, Death, and Truth, at 17, 1W, and 13 respectively, and makes her an initiate of Humakt.”
    P. 55: The Sinister Sorcerer: Character Sheet: “[…] [Blind] the Eyes”

    Profile photo of Jeff Richard
    Jeff Richard

    Christoph –
    The Law Rune has already been added. Otherwise, every one of these comments are for style not stenographical errors.


    I know why “the Holy Country is a confederation of five ancient kingdoms, but is divided into Sixths”. It is because Esrolia is a queendom…


    I am very happy that the Law Rune has been added! Please do take a look at the Defensive Responses rules on p. 101. There is something flawed in the wording. My sorry attempt at a correction isn’t very much better, but Risky Gambit in HQ:G is clear & Defensive Response in HQ2 is clear as well. Not Defensive Responses in HQ:G…

    Profile photo of Jeff Richard
    Jeff Richard

    I also fixed that section.

    Profile photo of Jeff Richard
    Jeff Richard

    Actually not, it is because the Right Arm Islands were not a political entity prior to Belintar.


    Prior to Belintar, was there a Holy Country?

    Profile photo of Martin Helsdon
    Martin Helsdon

    Guide: Page 239: ‘The ascension of the God-King in 1318 also marks the beginning use of the term Holy Country.’


    Yeah, well, then the Holy Country was made of six -more or less ancient- political entities.

    Profile photo of Martin Helsdon
    Martin Helsdon

    Um, no, because the Islands weren’t a political entity until three centuries ago, under Belintar. As noted in Esrolia, the Land of Ten Thousand Goddesses, in ancient times the Islanders had no political unity beyond the fishing village.

    Belintar created the Rightarm Islands as the Sixth portion of his Holy Country, as an addition to the five ancient lands, as a new political entity.

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