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    P. 54: Character Sheet: “Unspent Additional Abilities: [2]”
    To summarize: Water +4, Illusion +2, Water +4 = 10. As correctly written on p. 55: “He adds 10 ability points, leaving two in reserve.”
    P. 54: Character Sheet: “Ability Points [2]”
    To summarize: Trick Riding +1, Long Dance +1 & Zortan the Optimistic.
    P. 54: Character Sheet: “Community: Thirstless spirit society 13” should go as it is already subsumed under the Spirit Rune according to p. 136 of the rules. Else it should become an additional ability!

    Profile photo of Mark Mohrfield
    Mark Mohrfield

    Page 181, second column under “Full Moon”, Seven Mothers Teachers needs to be bolded, dropped to next line, and “Teachers” needs to be dropped if it is to match the format used for the other moon phases.

    Profile photo of Rick Meints
    Rick Meints

    All of the above, including the character sheets, have been fixed. Thanks all!

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    Jonathan Geere

    p133 Anti-God: should ‘Orlanth’ be in the list?
    p211 “The average female is somewhat larger, standing 6 feet, 9 inches tall”, but in the Guide p95 “Females are
    somewhat larger, an average female standing 6’8” tall”. Grown an inch?

    Profile photo of Jeff Richard
    Jeff Richard

    Yes, the Vithelans classify Orlanth as an anti-god.

    Profile photo of Mark Mohrfield
    Mark Mohrfield

    On page 182 in the second column under Lunar Grimoires it says “The glamours produced by Lunar spells are often colored by their Moon Phase.” I assume this means that they match the color of the Ancient Moon Goddess associated with that phase, but of those listed on pages 180-181 only Verithurusa has her color listed.

    Profile photo of Guy Hoyle
    Guy Hoyle

    P. 213, none of the creatures on the first column (duck, manticore, centaur, minotaur) have runes to the left of their names.
    Edit: Oops, sorry, just realized that all these Beastmen have the same runes.



    P. 55: Character Sheet: “Unspent Additional Abilities: [1]”
    To summarize: Grimoire: Index of the Final Information Library +1, Grimoire: Secrets of the God Learners +1, Know court secrets +1 & Fabulous Quills of the Wyrms Friends 13.
    Christine gets it right when -still during the first session of play- she says about her character on p. 71: “I’ve got one unspent additional ability point.” One it is indeed…

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    Harald Smith

    p.55 Magatheus character sheet: Glamours the blind the Eyes
    s/b Glamours that blind the Eyes (based on p. 182, this should be the correct form)
    OR based on p.71 just ‘Blind the Eyes’

    p.71 Magatheus will use his Glamour from his Blinds the Eye spell
    s/b Blind the Eyes (based on p.55/character sheet and p.182)
    OR change p.55 and character sheet to match this.

    p.181 Great Sister under Black Moon only has the Black Moon rune. On p.185 she also has the Mastery rune.
    I think Mastery rune should be added on p.181 as well.

    p.190 under Deezola strictures: must belong to a noble family or held a position of authority
    suggest hold a position of authority

    p.191 in sidebar for Lunar Provincial Survey: cataloguing ancient sites to insure that the
    suggest: cataloging ancient sites to ensure that the
    (don’t think they’ve gone into the insurance business)


    Profile photo of Harald Smith
    Harald Smith

    p.233 – Calendar chart: Phases of the Moon are listed as numbers (and not in sequence). Were these supposed to show the different Lunar runes? And did 1 and 7 get reversed?

    Profile photo of Peter Metcalfe
    Peter Metcalfe

    p142 Issaries has a doubled trade rune. The guide gives him a harmony rune instead of a second trade rune.

    p143 Valind’s runes are given as Storm and Stasis. Surely the second rune should be Cold? (Molanni is the Storm Goddess who is stagnant but she’s not associated with Cold but Drought.

    EDIT: I see from the Cult Writeup that Issaries does not have the harmony rune and the Codex Ivesti in the Guide declares him the owner of the Trade Rune so I withdraw this observation.

    Profile photo of Jonathan Geere
    Jonathan Geere

    p30 Sidebar. The last part might be formatted better?

    RIK SEZ: Corrected.

    Profile photo of Jonathan Geere
    Jonathan Geere

    P209 Sidebar
    Change mistress race to Mistress Race (two occasions) to be consistent

    Mistress Race 30, 211, 212
    Mistress Race 26, 30, 209, 211, 212
    if you want to include sidebar text within the index

    uz to Uz on p 211 (under heading Dark trolls), p 212 (under heading Mistress Race Trolls) for consistency

    P32 Sidebar
    Suggest change to:
    Dark trolls
    fight on both sides but
    always against Men.


    Profile photo of Jeff Richard
    Jeff Richard

    Valind is correct as Air and Stasis. He’s the cold air above the Glacier, that eventually will crush everyone underneath a mile of unchanging ice. But he’s not Darkness and thus not Cold per se (that’s his buddy Himile).

    Profile photo of Roko Joko
    Roko Joko

    p. 23 Vultures Country
    p. 39 “she dresses lightly, wearing little more than a loincloth.” That’s not how she’s dressed.
    p. 43 is the thane’s throat exposed, or is it covered?
    p. 44 the Stasis rune is called Stability here, but only in this one place.

    p. 103 The specific ability bonus is even more confusing in this rule set than in HQ2, since it refers to opposed abilities, but the rules also tell you not to stat NPCs. HQ2 made it a little clearer by telling you to improvise abilities for NPCs, but HQG no longer has that instruction.

    The rule is also confused by how the GM in the examples applies the bonus in a freewheeling way that, in the first four examples, is more like “apply the bonus if the ability feels especially well-suited to the contest” than what the text says.

    The last example, Lunar magic against Lunars on p. 86, doesn’t have anything to do with specificity. It makes sense to change the text from “Specific Abiltiy Bonus” to “situational bonus” here.

    p. 165 and p. 166 the word Specific is capitalized. It looks like the capitalization might have been intended to mean something, but it’s unclear exactly what.
    p. 194 Glorious Reascent -> The Glorious Reascent
    p. 194 Revealed Mythology -> Revealed Mythologies
    p. 204 “change her life is she has other” is -> if


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