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    Rick Meints

    Hello all,

    Now that the PDF for the print edition of HeroQuest Glorantha has gotten into over 100 of our best customer’s hands, we would like to do a bit of crowdsourcing on any final edits, corrections, and similar. We are going to be sending the print files to the printer on Tuesday, April 22nd at the latest. If you find anything odd, potentially incorrect, a possible typo, etc. please post the info in this thread. This is much like what we did for the Guide to Glorantha last year. A few things to be mindful of BEFORE posting:

    1. read through what has already been submitted. (re-submitting stuff already spotted just slows us down)
    2. please be specific with page numbers, which column, and such. (vague info just slows us down)
    3. please accept that big edits or rewrites are not going to happen.
    4. suggestions are welcome, but they need to be constructive and specific.

    Many thanks.

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    p7 – Logic of Story Obstacles chart missing “success” and “failure” headers under questions.
    p12 – “The Hero Wars” section has some confusing future tense issues “LCoM has begun” should be began, etc.
    p45 – Tarsh Exile “and carries a bronze-headed.” – should be “bronze-headed axe.”
    p76 – “Kris rolls a 6, and Claudia a 20, [a success bumped to a critical]
    verses a fumble.” – should be “failure bumped to success”
    p109 – “Pyrrhic Victories” doesn’t actually say how much boost you get (should be 1W if i recall correctly)

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    Harald Smith

    For reference, I’ve already noted these to Rick.

    p.204 Ability to Illuminate Others. Only the Illumiated
    s/b Illuminated

    p.205 He advises Samastina that, although the story the heroes always leave with the goddess, she should not. Instead, Argrath advised her that she should confront the goddess Asrelia and invoke her right to reach into the goddess’ Dancing Jar three times.
    Some tense switching and odd grammar. Suggest:
    He advised Samastina that although in the story the heroes always leave with the
    goddess, she should not. Instead, Argrath advised her to confront the goddess Asrelia and invoke her right to reach into the goddess’ Dancing Jar three times.

    p.2 (additional thanks) – these two are out of alphabetical order: Phil Nicholls, Sarah Newton
    p.28 – these two are out of alphabetical order: Hendira, Gunda
    p.88-89 – battle of Auroch’s Hills – the description of Heortling army uses A, B, C; the subsequent map uses 1, 2, 3 for the units.

    Profile photo of Rick Meints
    Rick Meints

    These have all been fixed now. Thanks.
    Oddly, the table on page 6 had the info, it was just in white, which on a white background kind of makes it impossible to read.

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    Edan Jones

    I’d mentioned these in an email, but for reference:
    p.15, first column. The Heat Rune is used in place of the Fire Rune.

    And not an actual error, but I find the lack of Law Rune in this section (pages 14-18) an unusual omission, given two of the example characters (Orensulva and Magatheus) begin with it, its importance to Lhankor Mhy, and it is one of the Runes mentioned on page 44 for starting characters (And is the only rune mentioned there which is not mentioned on pages 14-18.) Is this omission intentional?

    Profile photo of Down With People
    Down With People

    p.101, description of the Lunar prisoner, ‘and wears only a long solied robe.’ I’m guessing that’s meant to read ‘soiled’?

    Profile photo of Harald Smith
    Harald Smith

    p.28 – under Hendira: Hendira was forced out of Nochet in 1622 and was killed at the Battle of Pennel in 1625.

    However, Battle of Pennel occurs in 1624 (p.32 & 98).

    p.206 – although Argrath is said to have say they are just different paths to the same place.

    suggest: Argrath is believed to have said
    OR Argrath is said to have indicated

    Profile photo of Charles

    P231 – “blanket the ground at her feat” – feat -> feet.

    Profile photo of Jamie Norrish
    Jamie Norrish

    p. 56, character sheet box: “heroes'” -> “hero’s”.

    p. 61, describing romance results: I’d much rather the example sentences were switched to use “he” rather than “she”.

    pp. 77 (3), 80 (34), 81 (1): “verses” where “versus” is meant.

    p. 91: ‘magicians are up to”, says Christine.’ -> ‘magicians are up to,” says Christine.’ (to be consistent).

    p. 91: ‘Claudia says “I roll higher’ -> ‘Claudia says, “I roll higher’.

    p. 91: underline used for emphasis (“but _only_ Companions and _only_ in”), where elsewhere italics is used for this or something similar (as further up the page).

    Quite a few instances of – (hyphen) used where — (em dash) should be (and is quite often). Searching for “- ” should find most if not all of them.

    My PDF reader is showing a number of bookmarks prior to the proper bookmarks. I could give a full list if that were useful. They are not duplicates, but appear to be mostly to smaller headings, such as Die_Rolls for p. 59, Boosting_Results for p. 70, or _GoBack for pp. 7, 63, 109, 220 and 232.

    The proper bookmarks sometimes contain ASCII-fied versions of runes, which are not helpful: “b Spirit Magic” (p. 134), “R Rune Magic” (p. 139), “Ernalda xeel” (p. 147), “Orlanth sggW” (p. 151), “Issaries hsh” (p. 159), “Humakt tyt” (p. 163), “Waha tW” (p. 167), “Sorcery a” (p. 172), “Lhankor Mhy ya” (p. 175), “Lunar Magic /” (p. 179), “The Seven Mothers x/t” (p. 187), “Heroquesting SR” (p. 193), “? Chaos Horrors” (p. 219).

    p. 68, second column of the example states “You need to overcome the difficulty of 16W2 with your 6W, your mastery cancels out one of mine, giving me an 18W against your rating of only 6.” The “18W” there should be “16W”.

    pp. 243, 258: “Middle Earth” should be “Middle-earth”. No, really.

    Profile photo of Philippe Sigaud
    Philippe Sigaud

    From HQG-sample3

    p. 71, Samastina’s Saga (first column)
    “So you are already to go now?” => “So you are all ready to go now?”.

    Profile photo of Farandar

    Page 110, second column
    “(See page 112 for more on credibility).” => Credibility Tests are on page 113.

    Profile photo of David Cake
    David Cake

    Pg 197 – the paragraph in the box beginning with ‘Chaos:’ should be indented and Chaos: should be bolded.


    As usual (HW, HQ1, HQ:CR, S:KoH & P:GtA), none of the characters has been done right… none! Ain’t traditions great?!? ;o)


    P. 53: “She spends [all] of her ability points to raise various abilities; she keeps [none] in reserve.”

    P. 53: Character Sheet: “Ability Points: [0]”

    To summarize: Earth +3, Life +1, Noble +7 Ambitious +1 = 12



    P. 53: Character Sheet: “Unspent Additional Abilities: [2]”
    P. 54: “As additional abilities, Neil takes an allied spirit as a companion; a magical lightning spear (a breakout ability of the Air Rune); and a [relationship (Lunars killed my wife)].”

    According to the feat rules on p. 146, as a newly-minted devotee Vargast gets his Thunderer feat for free.
    P.53: Character Sheet: “Ability Points: [2]
    To summarize: Air +10 = 10.

    He already gets Proud at 11W through the Air Rune, thus it doesn’t make a lot of sense to take it as a breakout ability from the Mastery Rune, doesn’t it?

    Thus: “He adds his distinguishing characteristic, proud, as a breakout ability of his [Air] Rune.” Makes more sense, no?



    P. 54: “She spends all but [three] of her ability points raising Karganvale’s abilities.”
    P. 54: Character Sheet: “Ability Points [3]”

    To summarize: Death +5, Neckchopper +2, Coat of Bronze Scales +2 = 9

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