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    My players are about to pack up and leave Sartar for the Elder Wilds. I’ve got the ancient, original Griffin Mountain which I’m planning on using. The newer one, available here at Moon Design, says it contains articles published elsewhere in addition to the original material. Could someone give me an idea what those other articles are so I can decide whether to buy the newer version?


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    Peter Metcalfe

    The extra articles, I understand, are Player Handouts from Griffin Island containing a maps of the citadels, descriptions of various places and most importantly maps of the popular inns in each citadel. It isn’t worth it, I don’t think.

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    David Scott

    However there’s loads of new art which does tip it in my opinion. My copy of Griffin Mountain is 34 years old and has been well used. Last time I played the campaign I used the Glorantha Classics book with the map from the original. The map has aged very well, the spine of my original, not so well. There’s lots of white space in the new one that makes marginal notes easier, although that may be a crime in some peoples eyes.

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    Thanks for the info.

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    Scott Martin

    And to be fair the two essays “A Look Inside Griffin Mountain” (designer notes) and “How To Run A Gloranthan Campaign” (general GM advice) at the back of the reprint aren’t in the original box. Not sure they’re worth buying the whole thing again, but the GM advice material in particular can be revelatory. It might be nice to see it brushed off as a separate pamphlet some day.

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