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    I really enjoyed the one hour podcast though I’m a huge podcast fan in the first place. Here’s to the future episodes coming out. My only comment or suggestion would be to balance the intro music a bit more with the voice levels of the actual podcast. To clarify the level at which I felt comfortable for the intro music was much lower than when you three started talking – had to crank up the volume then. Otherwise, superb stuff!


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    Sean Foster

    Uz Special – Maybe Sandy to help
    – Shadows Dance
    – Nature of Castle of Lead
    – Only Old One
    – Blue Moon
    – Guhan/Halikiv
    – Elder Wilds (Griffon Mountain environs
    – Kingdom of Ignorance
    13th Age Glorantha – how will game system work in the RQ/HW/HQ world we all remember – RH/JT
    Carmania – Nick
    Holy Country – Jeff
    Prax & Pavis – Mob
    Aldryami – the elf guy
    Mostali – ?
    Dara Happa – ?
    Lunar Empire – ?
    etc etc

    Discussions basically go through ideas and bits & pieces of the culture. You could request questions prior…

    In any case time will tell if this is possible, with Moon Design & Chaosium in high evolution mode (from miasmic gorp to ?) you will all be being pulled left right and sideways.. All the best!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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