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    David Scott

    [quote]Joerg: Not quite. Entra, the sow goddess, figures in the Entruli background, and the Entruli migration into the western parts of Maniria is mentioned in the old RuneQuest Companion.

    The RuneQuest companion (1983) says

    Despite such occasional setbacks, the Dawn Council sent many missionaries and peoples out into the world to free them from the fear and ignorance which spread throughout the world during the Darkness. Parties from Kethaela set off westward into the lands of the Entruli and the Pralori with mixed success. These peoples were famed for their hatred and warfare. It was only when King Lalmor set off with his tribe, the Vathmai, and reached Slontos in 115 that the Lightbringers’ knowledge was firmly entrenched into the culture of the region.

    I think you’ve misremembered this, unless there is another reference.

    As for Entra, I’d forgotten about her. I wonder if Mralota is just a synonym, or are they different – one a pig god, one a boar god?

    Me: Riding Giant Boar would make them like Praxian Beast Riders (to me)

    Joerg: The same could be said about the Pralori deer riders, and of course about the Galanini.

    Actually, I’ve just spotted in the Guide –

    [Hsunchen]Maniria: Mraloti (boar), Pralori (elk).

    so that answers that.

    I’ve found the article you mentioned and have added back on to the site :


    if there are any other missing articles you remember – please let me know.


    Entra appears to be the orlanthi name for the sow goddess, while I suspect that Mralot originally refers to the boar only. Istill think that Entra and Entru are the male and female variants of that name.
    I once postulated a Wenelian Mralonth subcult of Orlanth, years before Blood Over Gold. Orlanth boar father, berserk warrior and fertility icon.

    I have sen the Vathmai in a list of Entruli tribes, but that might have been in material provided by Stephen Martin.

    What were the survival sites of the western Entruli?

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    David Scott
    Quote from Joerg Baumgartner on March 4, 2014, 06:00
    What were the survival sites of the western Entruli?

    Here’s a small section of the 0ST Historical map for the Guide showing the Entruli range. I can’t find any site list.


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    Well, that was confusing. Who knew pig lineage could be so complicated? 😕

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    Jeesus Kristus

    Do werevolves breed with wolves or with humans?

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    Alistair Jones

    Jeesus Kristus

    Do werevolves breed with wolves or with humans?

    The answer may well be neither, but rather with Hsunchen.
    Why would you breed with those that lacked the magical power of transformation?

    Or, perhaps with either, depending on the form your Hsunchen happens to be in.
    Why would you seek to control your impulses when the blood sings hot in your ears?

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    Che Webster

    Thanks, guys. Phew – that was intense, right?
    Who knew such an innocent question would bring so much information.



    Hard to tell, really – the members of the Sartarite Telmori that did breed with the royal lineage may all be descended from Ostling Four-Wolf, who may or may not have been a Telmori before he was presented to the wolf people by Sartar after their chief had been slain.

    The Telmori definitely mated with him and his offspring (even Kostajor, whose mother wasn’t a Telmori).


    HQ:G p. 213: “The skin-walkers known in Dragon Pass and the Holy Country include Bearwalkers, Tiger Sons, Tusk Brothers, and Wolf Brothers.”
    So that means that not only Telmori Wolf Brothers are known in Dragon Pass & the Holy Country but also Rathori Bearwalkers, Teshnan & Kralorelan Tiger Sons & Ramalian Tusk Brothers as well? Well, the most famous tourist of the Hero Wars was originally a Bearwalker but Harrek doesn’t appear to do that very much anymore & the rest of the skin-walkers do not appear to travel that much if at all.

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    Simon Phipp

    Tusk Brothers could also come from the Tusk Riders, around the Ivory Plinth.

    Bearwalkers don’t have to be Rathori, the Lunars have Star Bears in their mythology and they are near/in Dragon Pass. Odayla is the Orlanthi Bear God and I can see some of his followers being Bearwalkers.

    Tiger Sons would seem to be Kralori/Teshnan, I agree, but they have been in Dragon Pass games for a long while, so maybe they have different possible origins.

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