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    Jon Hunter

    Has anyone ever ran Glorantha using the WW storyteller system?

    Also I have a desire to drop a group on modern real world characters into a Glorontha setting just for juxtapose, can you think of background reason that could be used to justify this without shattering the gameworld.

    The best i’ve come up with is a school of magic or hero quest screw up/fumble, I know this is completely none cannon. but just wondered if anyone has anyone has better ideas than me.

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    Scott Martin

    Really loving that juxtaposition idea and your plot points sound fine. There is precedent for the gods giving people help from very outside-the-box places — lightbringer quests in particular have summoned strange foreign allies — so instead of a screw-up, the characters might be the obscure cure for whatever has gone wrong. Please tell us how it goes! Now I want to do something similar with Praxians.

    On the ST front, I recall some noodling around with Telmori using the Werewolf rules in the ’90s but it was more of a novelty. Modeling runic affiliations gets interesting — do you build out a dot ladder for each one and hang magic on each dot? Another nice thing is that you can model a Gloranthan culture by tinkering with the mix of ethical traits — self-control, rage, whatever — characters may have. Neat stuff!

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    Jon Hunter

    I always thought the old pendragon virtues system would well for RQ Cults. I’m planning to do similar with the Storyteller system, different virtues for each cult.

    Then Let players choose virtue set and get cult that applies.

    Anyway i’m planning to drop them into an obscure corner of well played through balazaar, to give the players a gentle start in, and big players will come and find them later in the campaign.

    How much 21st century tech will actually work in Glorantha?

    I’m tempted to say there is not the physics for electronics in Glorantha, fire arms and combustion would work, but there aren’t the chemicals available for high quality gunpowder, and not the oil or refinement processes for petrol.

    They are going to get a crashed chennuk work of unenchanted rune metal, to bring all kinds of trouble there way.

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    Anthony Gresham

    You could use the True Fae from Changling, or angels from the god machine (if you don’t already consider them the same thing in your campaign). In one of the Glorantha videos on youtube Gregg Stafford mentions Glorantha popping into his head full blown while in college. You can always point to that and claim that one of the true fae was already laying ground work for harvesting earthly mortals for Glorantha. As for technology, you might want to have the players be Markland or Society for Creative Anachronism enthusiasts so they don’t die in a few days. Remember bullets don’t last and the dwarves would hunt down the characters for stealing their magic once they found out that humans were using guns. One player might be a member of the Mythopoeic Society as well, in order to handle the in your face mythopoeic warfare of Glorantha.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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