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    Simon Bray

    Hi All,

    I did this weeks ago, but never put it up on my site. As requested Gloranthan Baboons for your delication. In two versions no less, although one is actually just the first draft (yellow sky) and the other is my final (blue sky). Comments and feedback (so long as its positive LOL) are always welcomed.

    Here is the link



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    Harald Smith

    Love it! Nice feel for Prax here and one of the best renditions of baboons that I think I’ve seen.

    Profile photo of Niall

    fantastic. More please.

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    Simon Phipp

    That might be the best Praxian scene that I have ever seen.

    Profile photo of Charles

    It’s lovely but…

    It seems to present Prax as an absolutely barren desert. As I understand it, the herds survive by eating scrub.

    Profile photo of Niall

    Edge of the Wastes in Fire Season? Some crazy adventurers heading out in to the wilds to become dinner for some Baboon heroes….


    Clearly this is somewhere east of Zola Fel, possibly near the Condor Crags.

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    David Scott

    Certainly some parts of the Wastelands look like this. Simon does say it’s in the Badlands. Almost certainly Vulture Country – which is pretty barren giving the idea to most that all of the Wastelands is like this. I have to agree that Condor Crags would be a good setting for this, or even the Bleak Hills.

    Profile photo of Rudy

    Fastastic work!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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