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    Flaws in HQ.

    Initially set to your highest ability score, then the second and a third to your lowest ability.

    Do the flaws’ scores then go up as the other abilities rise? Or do they go up only if raised by the pc?

    Can they go down?

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    Phil Nicholls

    Hi Niall,
    I see no reason why Flaws could not increase. I like the Greek-style sense of nemesis which tracks the Heroes as they increase in power. If Flaws remain static by default, then a Hero will automatically outgrow their Flaws over time. To emphasize the dramatic nature of the game, Flaws should stay proportionate to the abilities of the Hero.
    Which is not to say that Flaws cannot fluctuate. If a Hero acts in such a way as to reinforce their Flaw, then it should climb independent of the other abilities. This reflects a choice on the part of the Player, and can thus be reflected in the ability ratings.
    Likewise, if the Player devotes time within the game to somehow mitigate a Flaw, then the rating can decline.
    Both of these alterations are a direct result of actions within the game, possibly with story consequences attached. Yet, the default is the gradual increase in the rating of a Flaw to ensure it remains a problem for the Hero, and not just an easy source of extra points which naturally fades away.
    YGMV, as ever

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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