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    Jay Moore

    Hi all,

    Two questions from Heroquest Glorantha.

    1. This has been asked before on the forum, but I don’t see that it has been answered. When facing multiple opponents in an extended contest, the rules say that points scored against you are tracked separately, so that if any one opponent gets five points against you, you are knocked out. But in the giant Samastina example, the points are all lumped together. Wouldn’t you need to track each individual pair of points separately?

    2. Somewhat related – what do you do when you have two heroes against one opponent? Does the opponent get a multiple opponent penalty? Does the opponent stay in combat until one hero or the other gives him five points, or five points in total?

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    Steve Hammatt

    Point 1 has been raised a number of times here, but not satisfactorily resolved as far as I’m aware. The example does seem to conflict with the rules. Currently also being discussed in the G+ Glorantha group – see this link

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    Harald Smith

    On 1) yes, you need to track each pairing separately. The Samastina example does not correctly match the rules.
    On 2) yes, the NPC opponent also suffers from the multiple opponent penalty. It’s a good way to approach a Very Hard opponent.
    And yes, it is until one hero gives the defender five+ points. Per HQG p79 “each member of a pairing is trying to be the first to score 5 points against another” and “if defending against multiple opponents, it is possible to have more than 5 points scored against you in total, but remain in the contest.”

      Harald wrote: On 1) yes, you need to track each pairing separately. The Samastina example does not correctly match the rules.

      Yep! Most of the examples do not correctly match the rules, none of the six sample characters match the rules, there are quite a few typos & other mistakes, etc… There really is a need for an errata for HeroQuest Glorantha as well as for all previous Moon Design Pubications beginning with Heroquest: Core Rules. An errata needs to be crowsourced to be the best possible & simply cannot be done in-house especially when there is not enough manpower.

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