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    Greg Stafford once personally gave this cult writeup his seal of approval. Here it is in it’s entirety for anyone interested in playing a shaman from Eol in RQ3:

    The Eolians have a unique kind of animalistic elemental spirit worship. Each season they propitiate the spirit of a creature linked to that seasons element. On each spirits Holy Day the spirit, worshippers can learn its spirit magic and sacrifice for that spirits divine spells.

    Waterday, Movement Week, Sea Season is the Holy Day of Slippery Otter.
    Slippery Otter teaches the spirit magic spells of Otters Craftiness, Aqualung, and Shimmer.
    Otters Craftiness: Each point of Otters Craftiness will cause 1 SIZ freshwater fish to approach the caster and/or casters bait.
    Aqualung: Each point of Aqualung allows the caster to breathe water for 10 minutes and adds 5% to the casters swim skill. (The spell may or may not cause the caster to eye little girls with bad intent. That’s probably only a vile Lunar rumor.)
    Divine spells of Slippery Otter: Worship Slippery Otter, Summon/Command/Bind Undine.

    Fireday, Disorder Week, Fire Season is the Holy Day of Fire Fox.
    Fire Fox teaches the spirit magic spells of Foxes Cunning, Fiery Gaze and Fireblade.
    Foxes Cunning: Each point increases the casters Track by 5%.
    Fiery Gaze: An inner light glows in the casters eyes. If the caster overcomes the targets mp’s with his own, he learns one secret per point of Fiery Gaze. Usuable only against sentient creatures. The secrets learned are up to the gamemaster to decide. (This spell is probably the main reason the Eolians have never truly considered themselves a conquered people.)
    Divine spells of Fire Fox: Worship Fire Fox, Summon/Command/Bind Salamander

    Clayday, Fertility Week, Earth Season is Holy day of Dancing Reindeer.
    Dancing Reindeer teaches the spirit magic spells of Reindeer’s Strength (per Strength spell), Stone Loins (Endurance spell) and Heal
    Divine spells of Dancing Reindeer: Worship Dancing Reindeer, S/C/B Gnome.

    Freezeday, Illusion week, Dark Season is the Holy Day of Dark Raven.
    Dark Raven teaches the spirit magic spells of Raven’s Trickery, Night Eyes and Spirit Screen.
    Raven’s Trickery: Each point of this spell gives one target a darkness penalty of -15% to all skills as if the target were in darkness per the darkness rules, if the caster overcomes the targets mp’s with his own.
    Raven’s Eyes: Each point of this spell reduces the darkness penalty on the target by 15%.
    Divine spells of Dark Raven: Worship Dark Raven, S/C/B Shade.

    Windsday, Harmony week of Storm Season is the Holy Day of Airy Horned Owl.
    Airy Horned Owl teaches the spirit magic spells of Owls Wisdom, Silent Wind and speedart.
    Owls Wisdom: Each point of this spell gives the caster 5% in speak/understand the language of whoever he is talking with.
    Silent Wind: This spell acts the same as a Silence spell.
    Divine spells of Airy Horned Owl: Worship Airy Horned Owl, S/C/B Sylph.

    Eolian Shamanhood. Eol shamans can also learn the following Divine spells:

    Kill’em: 1pt. Enchantment spell.

    Enchants a Thunder Delta shard to hold a fire spirit. The spirit knows one of the following three spells: Firestone – changes the damage of the slung shard to 3d6. Sling Far – doubles the range of the slung shard. Mighty Sling – the shard always hits for max damage of 8 points.

    All enchanted shards are 95% to hit and an Eolian can only possess one such shard. (though the shaman may enchant as many as can be found along the Thunder Delta, only the person who found the shard and brought it to the shaman during his rite of initiation can use that shard).

    See Leylines:

    This works like Second Sight but allows the shaman to see the leylines of power that run throughout Glorantha and which pass through the many Henges which dot Eol and around which the clans gather for spiritual guidance. This spell is free to all shamans and works at all times, just like Second Sight.

    Tap into Leyline: 3 pts. One Use Only.

    The shaman must fast for 1d6-1 days and then drive off the Bad Man in spirit combat. If successful, the shaman may now tap into the elemental forces of the Leylines to do one of two things:

    1- Move directly to any Henge.
    2- double the shaman’s mp’s the next time he Commands an elemental.

    Successfully driving off the Bad Man raises the shaman’s status to that of High Shaman. High Shamans command more respect amongst the tribe. However, any further castings of Tap into Leyline will still require driving off the Bad Man.

    NOTE: We never actually figured out who the Eolians consider the Bad Man to be. Does anyone know if they have a name for this entity?

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    David Scott

    Bad Man is a universal being,


    He always acts against the Horned Man, seeking to destroy Shaman.

    I’m interested in the date and source of this writeup, and how Greg came approve it.

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    It was some years back, maybe 2009 give or take, on the old Yahoo groups that Greg said it had his stamp of approval. I was quite psyched and we used the write up for a character my friend wanted to play.

    But my question wasn’t who is Bad Man, got that down, my question is, do the Eolians have a special name for him?

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    Jeff Richard

    Eolian is a language unrelated to either Peloria or Pentan, so likely whatever they call the Bad Man, it probably is a special name as far as anyone else is concerned.

    Of course it probably means “Bad Man” or “Evil One” or “Harmful Spirit” or something similar.

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