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    I’m not sure which category I want but I’m using HQ so I was wondering if anyone had made a Glorantha-style rune-world for the Elder Scrolls.

    ES were heavily influenced by Glorantha and HQ (and based, I believe, on RuneQuest percentile) and the theogonies of the game are very much “all your gods are true”.

    Was wondering if anyone had done any work on this.

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    Do you mean to use HeroQuest for tabletop roleplaying in the ES world? or Glorantha-Themed mods for Elder Scrolls games?

    I am not personally aware of any established projects, in either direction, though I’ve not made any particular effort to discover them either.

    Using HQ2 for an elder scrolls pen and paper rpg would be reasonably straight-forward so long as all the players were familiar with the ES world and computer games. (saves a lot of time writing up keywords and whatnot) Just forgo runes altogether, and perhaps use the HQ sorcery rules to model ES schools of magic as “grimoires” and spells as, well, spells.

    I long ago (morrowind-era) toyed with the idea of using the elder scrolls construction tools to model gloranthan locations, but never actually got around to doing it. Sadly, i’ve hardly even played skyrim at all, so I don’t really have any idea what might be available in terms of tools and mods for that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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